Benefits of coconut oil

Why organic coconut oil should be your new BFF

If you are all for organic beauty, then coconut oil should be a part of your skincare kit. Here we tell you why.

Just head to your kitchen and you will find many wonderful ingredients that should be a part of your beauty routine. Turmeric, which we commonly use in our food, has many beauty benefits and so do lemon, tomato, gram flour and many other ingredients. Coconut oil is also one such ingredient.

Apart from giving a relaxing champi, coconut oil is also amazing for your skin. This one product can replace several store-bought beauty products in your kit.

If you are someone who loves all things organic, then you should totally depend on organic coconut oil. This wonder ingredient can help you get supple skin.


Benefits of coconut oil

For starters, organic coconut oil has amazing moisturising properties, which means if you have dry skin, you can use this instead of a face cream. Just a few drops and you are sorted. It is also very good for those who have a combination skin. But those who have oily skin, can make coconut oil a part of their nighttime routine.

Not just for your face, you can also use this oil as a body moisturiser.

Coconut oil also aids chapped lips. It can easily replace your favourite lip balm to become your new go-to. It does not include any chemicals and can be used as many times as you want. You can also make a DIY lip balm using this oil.

What is the most hectic thing when you glam up? It is not getting the winged eyeliner right and it is certainly not the contouring part. It is the removal of the makeup that leaves us irritated. But not when you have coconut oil by your side.

If you dip just a side of a cotton pad in oil, you will be able to remove the entire makeup within seconds. Unlike chemical makeup removers, this will leave you skin feeling soft.


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