Let's make some white sauce pasta

White sauce pasta anyone? Let’s get cooking

Weekends are for cheat meals and carbs. So, here we share with you one of the easiest recipes for white sauce pasta that you can make at home. Enjoy!

Well, weekend is here, so, we thought let’s cook something nice. Cheat meals are allowed on weekends. We were in the mood for some carbs, so, we made white sauce pasta.

It can be eaten anytime, be it for dinner, lunch or breakfast, chicken white sauce pasta is always a good idea. So, without any further delay, let us tell you how to make it.

Let’s make white sauce pasta


Pasta2 bowls
Garlic4 cloves (finely chopped)
Green chillies2 (finely chopped)
All-purpose flour1 cup
Milk3 cups
Chicken seekh1 cup
SaltAccording to taste
PepperAccording to taste
Oregano1 tsp
Peri Peri1 tbsp
Olive oilAs per requirement


In a pan, pour water. Once the water is warm, add a few drops of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Finally, add the pasta and let it slowly come to a boil.

In a non-stick pan, add some olive oil and cook chicken seekh in it. Once the seekh is cooked, take it out. In the same oil, we will cook pasta. We are doing so as it gives the pasta a much better taste.

Add a little more oil and let it heat. Put garlic and chillies in it. For the next step, add all-purpose flour in the pan and let it cook a little. Once the colour of the all-purpose flour starts changing and you are able to smell the flour, add milk.

For this step, add the milk slowly while mixing it with the all-purpose flour. Add more or less milk according to the consistency of the sauce you want.

Keep stirring and let the white sauce come to a boil. Check your pasta and if it is almost cooked, drain the water.

Put the pasta in the boiling white sauce and add the seekh kebab. For the last step, add salt and back pepper according to taste. Finally, add oregano and peri peri in the pan and your white sauce pasta is ready,

Enjoy it with fresh garlic bread.

After this if you get in the mood for something sweet. You can always bake chocolate cookies.

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