DIY solid organic perfume

Two simple methods to make solid perfume at home

Wondering how you can make solid perfume at home? Here, we tell you two ways. Read on…

We all might have different preferences in terms of what kind or which brand, but this is one product that is a must-have in everyone’s beauty bag. Here, we are talking about the mighty perfume. From roll-ons to mists, there are many different kinds of perfumes available in the market and the choice is endless, too, when it comes to the fragrance. 

But have you ever thought how amazing it would be if you could make a perfume at home, with the fragrance of your choice combined with natural ingredients? In today’s edition of going all organic, we are sharing with you two ways of making solid perfume at home.

Method 1: 

Here’s all that you would need for organic rose solid perfume: 

Beeswax1 tbsp
Extra virgin organic coconut oil2 tbsp
Rose essential oil20-25 drops
Empty container 1 pcs

With the help of kitchen pans, make a double boiler. Once the pans heat up, add beeswax and wait for it to melt. 

After the wax melts, add coconut oil and mix well. Take the mix off the flame and add rose essential oil. Pour the mix into a container and let it set. 

Now, there are two important things that you need to take a note of. If the mix starts to solidify while putting the essential oil, you can put it back on the double boiler to get the liquid consistency. Second, as we talk about going organic, we also need to think about being sustainable. To store the perfume, don’t use a fresh container, use the one you already have. These can be the leftover containers of products you have already used. 

Method 2:

Find out what’ll you would need for black musk perfume below: 

Beeswax1 tbsp
Sweet almond oil2 tbsp
Black musk perfumeAs per requirement
Empty container1 pcs

Just like the pervious method, melt the wax using a double boiler and add sweet almond oil to it. Take it off the flame and add black musk perfume (here we have used the one from Body Shop). Pour the mix into a container and let it set. 

Now, a lot of people use petroleum jelly to make solid perfumes, but beeswax, which we have used in both the methods, is its natural substitute. 

After trying both the methods, we thought that using the essential oil to make the perfume is a better way as it makes it long lasting. 


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