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Turkey welcomes tourists from July 1 with discounts and safety norms

If you have been wanting to go and enjoy the gorgeous sunsets in Turkey, this is your time. The country is all set to welcome tourists from July 1.

If you are a fan of great architecture, love food, especially shawarma, and beautiful sunsets are your weakness, then Turkey must have been on your travel list. But due to the novel coronavirus, all our travel plans have been put on a halt.

However, things are changing slowly while keeping the safety protocols in mind. Turkey, among other countries, is opening its borders for tourists. Turkey will officially allow travellers to get back to this heaven on Earth from July 1.

But, of course, there are some protocols and some rules that need to be followed. Interestingly, they are allowing some discounts as well. Read on to find out more:

New protocols in turkey

Turkey government is launching a ‘Safe Tourism Certification’ programme. Flights, hotels and transfers, all fall under the programme.

Turkish Airlines is also offering a discount of 40 per cent to all the healthcare workers from around the world to show appreciation. Three people travelling with medical personnel will also be able to procure discounted tickets. However, these tickets have to be purchased between June 6 to August 1, 2020.

Pexels: Şinasi Müldür

According to the program, the government requires the hotels, airlines, transport companies and restaurants to maintain a strict level of hygiene. To get certified under the programme, they have to meet 132 criteria.

Hotels have also been ordered to keep a separate isolated section for people who are COVID-19 positive.

Just like other countries, thermal checking will be done for all the passengers on arrival at every airport in Turkey. If their body temperature is high, the tourist will have to go through a COVID-19 test.

Turkey government is also making sure that health insurance is easily accessible for all travellers from July 1. You can buy health insurance from your airlines, hotels or tour guides.

While many countries have started International travel, those in India, still cannot fly abroad.

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