travel mistakes to avoid

Travel mistakes to avoid while vacationing with family

Family vacations are fun but they can easily turn into a disaster. Here are four travel mistakes that you should avoid while travelling with your fam. 

When it comes to travelling, we have the most fun when we are with our loved ones. Even though we might have bit of ‘nok jhok’ with them time to time, we never leave an opportunity to go on a vacation with our family. 

But planning a family vacay is no cakewalk. It takes a lot more than convincing everyone to take out time from their busy work schedules. Here, we share with you four mistakes that you should always avoid while vacationing with your family. 

Never pick the destination alone

You and your family members may not have the same interests, which is why it is important that you pick a holiday destination that is suitable to all. If you choose the place alone, your loved ones could feel neglected and they won’t be as happy as they should be. 


Never make an itinerary which too packed 

Travelling with elderly or even kids is not simple. With them, you can’t go on exploring 24×7. Making a packed itinerary is one of the biggest mistakes that you can easily avoid. While planning the days, make sure that you keep in blank spaces for everyone to rest. If you feel that this may make you miss out on a few activities, then you can extend your trip by a few days. 

Never leave packing to the last minute 

While travelling with our family, we often find ourself in a situation where we have to pay extra money for luggage at the airport. This is because we leave the task of packing to the last minute. Next time while planning a family vacay, tell everyone in advance how much luggage they can take along and weigh all the bags and suitcases before leaving home. 

Never try to pull it off as a one-man thing 

Travel mistakes to avoid while vacationing with family
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Let’s be honest, planning a family vacation is a hectic task. From bookings to choosing the activities, there are n number of tasks that one has to do. And one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while doing so is taking everything in your own hands. It is not possible for one person to plan the whole vacation. So, it is better that you delegate the tasks to your family members. This way, all the tasks will get completed and you will not feel too much pressure. 


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