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Top 5 Indian Beers that are ruling the world of beverages

This weather is the best time to pop a cold one open. We give you the delectable five Indian beers that are fit for all occasions and every meal.

Indians have really achieved great heights when it comes to food and beverages. We have decoded what makes a dish super delicious. Not just that but we have also found out how to make the perfect beverage to accompany that dish. We are talking about alcohol.

From the best dark rum in the entire world to some of the most delicious fruity wines from Nasik and the beers that elevate the taste of any meal, we have everything being made in India. Today, we are going to talk about exactly that. Out top five favourite beers that are perfect for this weather.


This is the first Indian beer that became really famous and now it is not just a known brand in India, even celebrities abroad love it. Ed Sheeran was spotted drinking Bira once during a match. It started with just one flavour, but now it has seven variants. Something for everyone.

White Owl

Imagine popping one of these on a warm evening. It is the best feeling ever. White Owl’s Spike has 7.9 per cent ABV. It is a strong beer but has a very smooth taste. You will love it.

White Rhino

The alcohol content of White Rhino exceeds 4 per cent but it is not as high as 5 per cent. This wheat beer is light, has no additives and well, you can drink it anytime.


Simba is another great Indian beer. It has a sweeter taste as compared to others, which lingers in your mouth a little longer. All in all, it is one of the best beers.


Everyone’s favourite and the top pick for most. One of the most easily available brands, Kingfisher has been catering to the beer thirst of Indians for ages. From Kingfisher strong to ultra, there is a vast spectrum of beers that this company makes keeping in mind all the people. For someone, who is not a fan of that pungent taste, try Kingfisher Ultra.

The best part about these Indian beers is that they are all pocket friendly.

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