hair care tips for monsoon

Tips to manage curly, frizzy hair in monsoon

Come monsoon and we start getting bad hair days. Not any more! We share with you simple hair care tips that will help you manage your curly and frizzy tresses.

Let’s think about summer… Wearing an easy-breezy outfit with matching accessories, glamming up with a bit of makeup and letting our amazing tresses open as they play with the wind. But it’s all in the past now as the season has changed.

Now, it will be all about cotton clothes, wet wipes and hair tied in a tight bun. You can’t keep your hair open anymore, especially if you have curls.

For the next few months, because of your unmanageable frizzy curls, everyday might be a bad hair day. No matter how much you style them, five minutes after stepping out, it just becomes a messy mane.

Not anymore! You can now flaunt your perfect curls in monsoon as well. We tell you how.

Switch to no frizz shampoo

Monsoon hair care tips
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Amid the wide range of products available in the market, get yourself a shampoo and a conditioner that controls frizzy hair. This is a must! This is the basic step that will help you in managing your hair.

Oiling is must

We all know that our hair becomes weak during this season and we suffer from hair fall. To strengthen them, it is important that we oil our tresses regularly. You can make a mix of castor, almond and coconut oil for a champi.

Monsoon hair care

Add vitamin E in your routine

Another way of strengthening your hair is to include Vitamin E in your diet. Now, there are two ways of doing this. You can either consume Vitamin E capsules or can take the serum out of the capsule and apply it directly to the roots of your hair.

No frizz hair serum

Monsoon hair care tips
Credit: Pexels

An additional step that you can include in your routine to make your hair more manageable is by getting your hands on a frizz control serum. If you wish, you can also get yourself a hair mask that will help control the volume of your curls.

Ditch styling your hair for a while

Let’s be honest, no matter how many hours you spend styling your hair, it only stays for five minutes. So, for a regular outing, instead of blow drying your hair, just pull back your tresses into a bun.


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