How to make your next trip eco-friendly (1)

4 tips that will make your next trip eco-friendly

Wondering how to make your trip eco-friendly? We have 4 tips for you that are absolutely game changing.

We are at a stage, where we have to be really conscious about the things that we use in our day-to-day lives. Whether these things are eco-friendly or not, biodegradable or not, if they will pollute the nature or not, all these things need to be considered now.

Being sustainable is not just an option anymore, it is a necessity. So for all the travel junkies out there, who are gearing up to go on a trek, or a short trip or just a weekend getaway, here are a few tips that you can keep in mind before preparing. These tips will make your trip absolutely eco friendly.

4 things you need to take on your trip to make it eco-friendly

Reusable bottles

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This one is extremely important. Whenever we go out, be it for a trek or a long drive, we tend to get thirsty. That is when we start looking for water and our first instinct is to buy a plastic bottle of water from a vendor. Plastic is not at all eco friendly and doesn’t decompose. Plastic is one of the major pollutants on Earth. The best solution to this problem is carrying reusable water bottles with yourself. Bamboo bottles are the best alternative and they also keep the water chilled.

Eco-friendly lunch boxes and cutlery

Imagine going for a picnic on a day that has great weather. You pack some food and beverages up, carry a good book and step out of your house. Make sure that the sandwiches that are packed in your bag are in a reusable lunch box and not a plastic bag that you will throw. Also, make sure that you carry non-plastic cutlery to make your picnic eco-friendly.

Metal or Bamboo straws

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Whenever we go out for a great meal during our holiday, those cocktails generally come with a plastic straw. Or the moment you get out for your coffee fix, your paper cup generally is accompanied with a plastic straw. The cool thing to do now is to always carry your personal metal or bamboo straw with you. This saves the environment a lot.

Eco-friendly toiletries

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Staying in hotels, the toiletries that are provided are generally made out of plastic. From the comb to the Q-tips everything is plastic. It is better to carry your own toiletry bag with you and use your own stuff

Be a responsible citizen and enjoy your eco-friendly getaway.

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