Time to go to Coorg

Time for monsoon vacation in Coorg. Get packing!

Coorg has started welcoming travellers again. It is time to plan your vacation in the marvel of nature that also has the best coffee.

We understand that coffee tastes great everywhere. But just imagine, sitting on the porch, enjoying the monsoon season and having your first sip of warm freshly-grounded coffee in Coorg. Yes, Coorg. The marvel of nature is ready to welcome tourists again.

Coorg has started welcoming tourists again and it is the best news ever. Monsoon and Coorg is a match made in heaven and you can start planning your trip now. The hotels here have started taking bookings again.

Though things are getting better and we are in the third phase of unlocking, the novel coronavirus is still there and still affecting people. Therefore, all the hotels and the tourist attractions in Coorg are taking proper precautions and maintaining the social distancing protocols.

As the rules keep changing every day, it is best to have a hotel booking before you leave for Coorg and you ask them about the requirements prior to crossing the border.

However, there are some permanent quarantine rules that the Karnataka government is following.

Karnataka Protocols

If you stay in Karnataka, you just need an e-pass to travel to Coorg. There is no quarantine or any other protocol, just the basic social distancing measure. Also, check in with your hotel first if they are following any special rules, before arriving.

If you live in any other state apart from Karnataka, you will have to quarantine for 14 days.

There is another possibility too. If you have already been in the state for over 15 days, you can just travel to Coorg without any problems.

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