Points to remember while stepping out during unlock 1.0

5 Things to keep in mind while stepping out of the house

The lockdown restrictions by the government have now be relaxed and we can finally step out of our houses, but not without precautions. Here are five things you should keep in mind while stepping out during Unlock 1.0.

We are currently in Unlock 1.0. The stringency of the rules has gone down a little, but we still haven’t won against the novel coronavirus. Even though we can step out of our homes and go out and about in our cars, there are still certain precautions that we should and need to take.

We have been longing to meet our family and friends, and that is the first thing that most of us must have thought about. However, basic hygiene and maintaining social distance is still the topmost priority. Washing hands for 20-seconds and using a sanitiser after touching anything is still applicable whenever you step out of your house.

Just for your revision, let us repeat all the things that you need to do and take care of while stepping out during Unlock 1.0.


Points to remember while stepping out during unlock 1.0
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Do not, and we cannot emphasise on this enough, do not forget your mask before stepping out of your house. Wearing a mask protects you from inhaling germs and getting sick. We are currently going through the season of viral as well, so, the mask will not only protect you from the novel coronavirus but it will also save you from the flu.

SANITISE YOUR CAR as precaution

Whenever you plan to go for a ride in your car, make sure that you sanitise it before. The door handles, the steering wheel, the centre hub of the steering wheel, the radio, the gear, and everything that you can possibly touch. It is a great habit that will save you from contracting the disease.

ALWAYS CARRY A HAND SANITISER while going out amid Unlock 1.0

Points to remember while stepping out during unlock 1.0
Credit: Pexels/ Anna Shvets

Washing hands with water and soap is preferable but while going out, make sure that you carry a sanitiser. This is because you will not have access to the soap and water always and sanitising your hands will protect you from germs. It is advisable to wear gloves too.


While pressing buttons of a lift or pushing open a door, try using your elbows. Avoid using your hands as much as possible. Apart from your elbows, you can also use a toothpick to press buttons in a lift. We touch our faces with our hands a lot of times subconsciously in a day, so, it is advisable to avoid using hands when you go out. Avoid shaking hands as well as a precaution.

Points to remember while stepping out during unlock 1.0
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SOCIAL DISTANCing is vital during unlock 1.0

We know you are craving to meet your friends and your distant family members, but this is the time you should be maintaining distance. Meet them but don’t hug. Try and avoid all forms of physical contact. Even when out in a public space such as a grocery store, maintain distance between others and yourself. This is one of the biggest precautionary steps that you can take to protect yourself from contracting the disease.

Another pro tip – It is advisable to take a nice and thorough shower once you are back home as a precaution.


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