Trip tips beach-cation

Things to keep in mind while planning a beach-cation

Can’t wait to go on a beach-cation? Here, we share with you some travel tips that will come in handy during your beach holiday.

With places slowly opening up again, we are all geared up to go on our next trip. Just imagine how amazing it would be to step out of our house after months to enjoy the beautiful views and good food. 

But while thinking about where to go, we got confused between beach and mountain, and then, we thought to ourselves that we need to spend some time on the beach. 

Just like us, if you, too, are planning a beach-cation, then here are some tips that will come in handy. 

Trip tips beach-cation
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Picking the right month is important 

While planning a vacation to the beach it is of utmost importance that you pick the right visiting time. You can’t go to the beach when it’s too hot or too humid. After all, what’s the point of just sitting in the hotel room and not enjoy the beach. 

Tons and tons of sunscreen 

Not only while sun bathing, putting on sunscreen is very important all the time, even if you are just taking a stroll at the beach. You may not notice, but your skin needs a protective layer to save itself from the harmful UV rays. You can pick a sunblock that has somewhere between SPF 30 to SPF 50. 


Of bikinis and fancy sunglasses 

Packing the right clothes is very important. Look for flowy cotton dresses or sultry bikinis or chic playsuits. And we all know how the right accessorises can take any look a notch higher. So, don’t forget to pack a chic pair of sunnies and a beach hat. 

Don’t ignore the hotel 

Just because you feel that you are going to spend all your time on the beach, you should not pick a shabby hotel. After a long day at the beach, you would want to come back to a nice place to rest and regain energy. So, it is a must that you book yourself a nice hotel. 

Where should I keep my stuff? 

We all love taking a dip in the sea. But when it comes to it, we always stop ourselves thinking ‘who will take care of our stuff while we are in the water?’ Now, you either carry a  waterproof pouch and carry all your stuff with you or you can take a locker at a shack by the beach. Never leave your stuff unattended thinking ‘who is going to take it?’


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