Trip to keep in mind while heading to the mountains

Things to keep in mind while planning a mountain vacation

Planning to head to the mountains for a vacation? Here, we share with you five travel tips that will come in handy.

We recently shared a few important travel tips for a beach-cation with you, but it got us thinking about the people who love the hills more. One can never really get out of the beach or mountains debate.

So, thinking about our buddies, who can’t wait to go on their next mountain vacation, we decided to share five travel hacks that will prove useful for them. If you, too, are a mountain person, then start taking notes without further delay.

Always check for the weather

If you love the hills but can’t stand the cold waves, then you should always check the weather before planning the trip. This is also important for the people who wish to enjoy the extreme cold or the snow. The season that you pick for your vacation makes a lot of difference.

Don’t save up on the hotel too much


While getting deals on a hotel is good, but you should not compromise on a good hotel just to save a few bucks. You may not know the value of internal room heating now, but once you end your day after going around the town in the freezing weather, you would know the importance of a good hotel.

One overcoat is enough

We often carry multiple jackets and overcoats on our vacation. But you really just need one. You can pick a jacket or an overcoat that goes with all your outfits. This way you will save yourself from the cold and won’t have a heavy luggage.

Pack right


The number of clothes that you carry depends on how cold the weather is going to be on the mountains. But instead of taking along heavy cardigans, it is always advised to carry light and thin sweaters. You can always layer the clothes if you feel too cold. This way, you will have more space in your suitcase and will not have to wear the same sweater everyday.

Food bag is a must

Mountains are unpredictable. You never know when the weather will go bad and you might get stuck. So, it is always advised to carry a food bag with you. You can just carry a few packets of everyone’s favourite Maggie and a kettle.


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