Travel tips! How to pack right

How to pack right for a vacation

Going on a vacation is fun, but packing is what troubles us the most, doesn’t it? Fret not, we share with you five simple travel tips that will help you pack right.

We love taking a break from our busy work schedules to unwind with our loved ones. Travelling around the world, exploring new places, going on vacations is something we all enjoy. But before we go on a trip, there is something that gives us sleepless nights. It is the fear of packing.

What if we forget keeping the clothes we have kept ‘safe’ in our closet for so long? What if we miss keeping the toiletries? What if we forget keeping the belt that keeps the whole outfit together? There are many such questions that concern us.

Not anymore! To solve all your travel-related problems, we bring to you five simple tips that will help you pack right for your next trip. Read on…

Pre-plan before planning

Travel tips! How to pack right
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Before you pick out your clothes and other essentials to pack, sit down and make a list of all the things you would need on your trip. By doing this, you will not forget any necessary item. It may be taxing but this will prove very useful in the end.

Always carry extra clothes

Travel tips! How to pack right
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While you will pack clothes for all the days you’ll be vacationing, it is important that you keep a couple of extra clothes as well. You never know when you might spill something on your outfit and need a quick change. For extras, you may pick out clothes that are not too heavy so that they don’t take too much space.

Just a pair of shoes, may be

Travel tips! How to pack right
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We all love to team up our outfits with different pairs of footwear, but while on a vacay, you should just carry one pair of shoes. This saves a lot of space in your suitcase. You can just wear a pair of shoes and pack bathroom slippers along.

Accessorising is a must, one of the most vital travel tips

Travel tips! How to pack right
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Be it a guy or a girl, accessorising is important for all. Just a sleek watch or blingy studs can amp up the look in an instant. If you wish to rock all your vacay looks to the T, then don’t forget to make a small jewellery or accessory kit.

For the last of travel tips, Make sets

How to pack right
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Instead of randomly putting a couple of shirts or random neckpieces, make sets for each day of your vacation. Plan out what you will be wearing on which day. This will have two benefits, first, you will get to know how much stuff you’ll need to carry along and second, you will get a completely different look everyday.

Need more travel tips? Read on to know simple things that will make your trip with your bae and your family a success.

Vacation tips: Home into hotel

Can’t go out for a vacation? Turn your home into a hotel; here’s how

Going on a vacation seems like a distant dream, doesn’t it? Not anymore. You can now have the fun of a hotel stay at your home. Read on to know how.

We are in a tough situation and things seem to be getting worse by the day. The constant rise in the number of novel coronavirus cases is only making us concerned and has restricted our movement further. Even though the government has relaxed the lockdown restrictions, we are stepping out only if there is an urgent requirement. At a time like this, going on a vacation seems to be a distant dream. 

But as I sit on my comfy couch, writing this article, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is a way we can take a mini vacation in our home. 

Are you wondering the same? Think how exciting it will be to glam up for a vacay again. Getting excited, aren’t you? Just by following the five pointers given below, you will be able to enjoy your home like a hotel. Read on! 

Pack a bag 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Even before our actual vacation starts, we get in the vacay mode when we pack our bags for the trip. From picking out stunning outfits to finding matching accessories, we put in a lot of thought while packing for our trip. This is exactly what you need to do now. Pack your bag for 2-3 days, depending on how long you want your trip to be. 

Dress up during your stay 

For all the fashionistas, one of the most exciting things, when on a vacay, is dressing up. But at home, we have just been sitting in our jammies. Make it a point that when you turn your home into a hotel, you dress up every day from head to toe and fill your phone’s gallery with amazing photos. 

Decorate your room like a hotel 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Fresh bed sheet, fluffy pillows and potpourri on the side table, a good hotel room acts as a mood buster. So, one of the most important things in this little plan is to decorate your room like a hotel. Clean it nicely, put on fresh bed sheet and spritz air freshener all over. Your room should give you happy vibes. 

Food level – MasterChef 

Ah! The buffet. How we miss eating a variety of delicious food and let’s not even start about those decadent desserts. You can enjoy the same deliciousness at your home just by putting in some effort. Scroll through the EAT section of our website and you will find many simple recipes for several yummy dishes. 

Plan activities 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Before you start your home-cation, take some time out to make a list of the activities you wish to do during this time period. You can include fun board games, make a painting or just binge watch Netflix. Do what makes you happy. 

For the coming future, if you plan a vacation with your family, these tips will prove helpful.

Tips for planning family vacation

5 things to keep in mind while planning a family vacation

Waiting for the crisis to get over so that you can take a trip with your loved ones? Plan ahead! Here are five pointers you should keep in mind while you think about your next family vacation.

They are the people we love the most, but let’s be honest, being with them for too long can be a little overwhelming. But isn’t that what a family is all about, pulling each other’s legs constantly yet sticking together all the time? And, it won’t be wrong to say that we have the most fun when we are with our family members, which is why we always crave to go on a vacation with them. 

Talking about family vacations, planning one is no cakewalk. For starters, everyone won’t agree to one destination and even if they do, the dates won’t match. There are zillion things one needs to take care of while planning a family vacay. 

So, while you wait for the government to relax the travel restrictions, you can make a note of these pointers below and start planning your next family vacation. 

Pick the right destination 

When you are with your friends, your interests usually match. But with your family members, everyone likes different things. So, it becomes important that you pick a destination that caters to everyone’s needs. A simple way to do this is by asking everyone which place they would like to go to and then contemplate which amongst them will be suitable for all. 

Tips for family vacation
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How to coordinate dates ?

One thing that will surely give you sleepless nights is picking dates for the vacation. An easy way out of this is to plan ahead, way ahead. As soon as the first thought of going on a vacation comes in your mind, tell all your family members a rough time period during which you’ll be taking the trip. This will help them clear their schedules in advance and there won’t be any problem later. 

Travel plan 

If you are travelling with your parents or have kids in your family, then one thing is for sure, you will have to put in a lot of thought while planning the itinerary. You will have to put in lots of empty spaces for the elderly to rest. Even those who will be taking care of the kids, will need some time to relax. The best way to sort this out is that you can plan one activity per day or plan half a day of sight seeing. 

Equal luggage distribution 

From vacay outfits to shoes to gadgets, in today’s era, everyone has too much stuff they ‘need to carry’ while travelling, no matter what age. Most of the time, it ends up with you paying extra money for baggage at the airport. A simple way to get out of this is, you tell everyone in advance how much luggage they can carry and weigh all the bags before leaving the house. 

Tips for family vacation
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Everyone should pitch in 

Planning a family vacay is a tough task and it is nearly impossible to do it alone. So, going by ‘we are all in this together’, delegate your family members the tasks you think they’ll be able to do perfectly. And in no time everything will be done. 

Share your experience of planning a family trip with us in the comment section below. 



5 things to keep in mind while planning a trek-cation

If you are the one for trekking, then we have listed out a few important points that will help you plan for you next trek-cation.

Let’s start by saying that nothing can compensate for the lives we have lost in the battle against COVID-19. But as we practise social distancing by restricting our movement, all we can think about is the lush greenery of the hills. Under the guidance of the bright sun when we used to walk on the path less taken to discover the unknown, ah! the good old days. For those who can relate, would have gotten an idea that we are talking about our trekking trips and how much we miss them.

While for some people, trekking is more of a one-day activity that they take part in during a vacation, for some trekking is the whole vacation. Here, we are talking about a trek-cation.

For the uninitiated, this is a type of vacation where the only purpose is to go on different treks. They can be a combination of several small routes or just one long route.

Now, if you are intrigued, and are planning to go on a trek-cation after we surpass the crisis, then here are some points that you should keep in mind.


When it’s about nature, you can never be too sure. So, first thing that you need to do is prepare a utility bag. From extra pair of clothes to flash light to even a nail cutter, this bag should have everything you might need during the trek.

Backpack for trek-cation
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While it’s true that there is no better partner for trekking than the nature itself, it is always better to go on the trip with someone. You not only get someone to depend upon, but it also is a great chance for bonding.

Pre-trek prep

You might think, “I walk everyday, so, I don’t need to do any preparation for trekking.” Well, that is one big mistake which you should avoid. If the only purpose of your trip is to trek, then you need to prepare your body to walk long distances.

Good old gadegets

Because you’ll be in the lap of nature, you can’t be too sure about the phone and internet connectivity. So, it is better to go old school and carry a map and a compass with you.

Compass for trekking
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Mind over matter

Let’s be honest, trekking is no cakewalk. Apart from prepping you body, you also need to prepare your mind for the tough situations you might face while trekking. For this, you can practice meditation, as it will help you keep your mind calm once you go on the trip.