Trip to keep in mind while heading to the mountains

Things to keep in mind while planning a mountain vacation

Planning to head to the mountains for a vacation? Here, we share with you five travel tips that will come in handy.

We recently shared a few important travel tips for a beach-cation with you, but it got us thinking about the people who love the hills more. One can never really get out of the beach or mountains debate.

So, thinking about our buddies, who can’t wait to go on their next mountain vacation, we decided to share five travel hacks that will prove useful for them. If you, too, are a mountain person, then start taking notes without further delay.

Always check for the weather

If you love the hills but can’t stand the cold waves, then you should always check the weather before planning the trip. This is also important for the people who wish to enjoy the extreme cold or the snow. The season that you pick for your vacation makes a lot of difference.

Don’t save up on the hotel too much


While getting deals on a hotel is good, but you should not compromise on a good hotel just to save a few bucks. You may not know the value of internal room heating now, but once you end your day after going around the town in the freezing weather, you would know the importance of a good hotel.

One overcoat is enough

We often carry multiple jackets and overcoats on our vacation. But you really just need one. You can pick a jacket or an overcoat that goes with all your outfits. This way you will save yourself from the cold and won’t have a heavy luggage.

Pack right


The number of clothes that you carry depends on how cold the weather is going to be on the mountains. But instead of taking along heavy cardigans, it is always advised to carry light and thin sweaters. You can always layer the clothes if you feel too cold. This way, you will have more space in your suitcase and will not have to wear the same sweater everyday.

Food bag is a must

Mountains are unpredictable. You never know when the weather will go bad and you might get stuck. So, it is always advised to carry a food bag with you. You can just carry a few packets of everyone’s favourite Maggie and a kettle.


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Trip tips beach-cation

Things to keep in mind while planning a beach-cation

Can’t wait to go on a beach-cation? Here, we share with you some travel tips that will come in handy during your beach holiday.

With places slowly opening up again, we are all geared up to go on our next trip. Just imagine how amazing it would be to step out of our house after months to enjoy the beautiful views and good food. 

But while thinking about where to go, we got confused between beach and mountain, and then, we thought to ourselves that we need to spend some time on the beach. 

Just like us, if you, too, are planning a beach-cation, then here are some tips that will come in handy. 

Trip tips beach-cation
Credit: Pexels

Picking the right month is important 

While planning a vacation to the beach it is of utmost importance that you pick the right visiting time. You can’t go to the beach when it’s too hot or too humid. After all, what’s the point of just sitting in the hotel room and not enjoy the beach. 

Tons and tons of sunscreen 

Not only while sun bathing, putting on sunscreen is very important all the time, even if you are just taking a stroll at the beach. You may not notice, but your skin needs a protective layer to save itself from the harmful UV rays. You can pick a sunblock that has somewhere between SPF 30 to SPF 50. 


Of bikinis and fancy sunglasses 

Packing the right clothes is very important. Look for flowy cotton dresses or sultry bikinis or chic playsuits. And we all know how the right accessorises can take any look a notch higher. So, don’t forget to pack a chic pair of sunnies and a beach hat. 

Don’t ignore the hotel 

Just because you feel that you are going to spend all your time on the beach, you should not pick a shabby hotel. After a long day at the beach, you would want to come back to a nice place to rest and regain energy. So, it is a must that you book yourself a nice hotel. 

Where should I keep my stuff? 

We all love taking a dip in the sea. But when it comes to it, we always stop ourselves thinking ‘who will take care of our stuff while we are in the water?’ Now, you either carry a  waterproof pouch and carry all your stuff with you or you can take a locker at a shack by the beach. Never leave your stuff unattended thinking ‘who is going to take it?’


travel tips for germaphobes

Keep germs at bay! Travel tips for germaphobes

The fear of germs is real and for those who experience it, travelling may not be an easy task. Here, we share with you five travel tips for germaphobes.

Germaphobes are the people who have a fear of germs and an obsession with cleanliness. While many may not understand this condition and may tag it as an ‘unnecessary tantrum’, we know how difficult it can be for germaphobes to travel.

Their fear of contracting germs can stop them from enjoying their vacation. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Here, we share with you five travel tips that will help you keep germs at the bay.

Always keep sanitiser handy

Because of the pandemic, we all have started carrying a sanitiser in our bags. But if you are obsessed with cleanliness, a single sanitiser will not suffice. You need to have one in all the bags you carry and a big one.

Travel tips for germaphobes
Credit: Pexels

Carry your own towels

The towels that you get at the hotels are clean but the fact that they must have been used by someone else is enough to give sleepless nights to a germaphobe. An easy way to tackle this is, always carry your own towels. You can even buy disposable ones just for the trip.

Gloves are a must

Just think of how much you use your hands. From greeting people to picking out stuff, your hands come in contact with germs all day, everyday. Which is why you should always carry gloves.

Always mask it

Wearing a mask has become a necessity now, but a germaphobe should always keep their face masked even at the places where it is not required. This will give you a sense of security.

Travel tips for germaphobes
Credit: Pexels

Disinfectant wipes are your BFF

For a germaphobe, everything needs to be Monica Geller-level clean. And the only way to do is cleaning it on their own. For this, you can always carry disinfectant wipes.


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Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid

5 travel mistakes all honeymooners should avoid

For a newlywed couple, honeymoon is the most memorable vacation they will ever go on. Here are five honeymoon travel mistakes that you should always dodge.

That feeling to know that you have found ‘the one’ is truly special and getting to spend your life with them is even more. As soon as a couple decides to get married, the planning for the honeymoon starts. It is the first vacation a couple takes after their wedding.

If you are set to go on your honeymoon and are a bit nervous about it, then we have something that will interest you. Here, we share with you five travel mistakes that you should never make while honeymooning.

Don’t be too clingy in public

While you may feel that everything around you is just about love, others who see you and your partner may not feel the same. So, it is always better that you put hold on the PDA in public. We all have dished at people who were too clingy in public sometime or the other, haven’t we?

Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid
Credit: Pexles

Don’t think of it as a solo trip

Being overly romantic in public should be avoided but this doesn’t mean that you should think of your honeymoon as a solo trip or a trip with your friend. This trip will lay the foundation of your relationship as a married couple, so make sure that you leave no stone unturned to make it special.

Don’t ignore your partner’s interest

If you are planning the activities and making the bookings for the honeymoon, then make sure that you put in the things that your partner likes to do. For this, you can meet up with them prior and decide what all should be there on your travel itinerary.

Don’t miss out on a chance to surprise bae

Who doesn’t love surprises? While on honeymoon, look for chances to surprise your husband/wife. It doesn’t have to be a big one, a small gestures, too, can make them very happy.

Honeymoon travel mistakes to avoid
Credit: Pexels

Don’t forget to break the ice on your honeymoon

If you found your special someone through the arranged marriage setup, then there might be awkwardness between you and your partner. The honeymoon is the perfect chance to break the ice and start a happy life together.


Travel tips for foodies

Important travel tips all foodies should keep in mind

If you feel that there is no truer love than the love for food, then you should make a note of these travel tips. All foodies, bookmark this post.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, spending the day binging on Instagramable dishes and ending the day with delectable desserts, this is how you can describe a foodie’s day. For those who love food, they can’t think of anything else but where to eat next and which new dish to try.

Even when they are vacationing, food holds the top priority. If you can relate to everything written above, then make sure that you make a note of everything written below.

We share with you five very important tips that all foodies should bookmark.


Always check the food review before making hotel bookings

If food is your utmost priority, then you should always check the quality of food you’ll be getting at the hotel. To do this, you can read up as many reviews as you can and also ask for recommendations from people who have already been there.

Never forget your food bag

There may be chances that the food at the hotel may not impress you. Instead of spoiling your mood and your vacation, you can carry a food bag with you. You can pack things like ready-to-make dishes and everyone’s all-time favourite Maggie.

Pocket snacks for the go

For those small hunger pangs that can make you grumpy, we advise that you carry small pocket snacks. These will prove helpful when you’ll be doing the touristy stuff and the foodie inside you will crave for something delish.


Separate food budget

While on the go, we know that you would like to eat something interesting at every meal. This is why, we would suggest that while planning for your vacay, you should set a food budget separate from the travel budget.

Never miss a chance to try new dishes

For foodies, there is nothing more exciting than trying new cuisines. So, while travelling, you should never miss a chance to try something new. You can also click photos of the yummy dishes to drool over them later.


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travel mistakes to avoid

Travel mistakes to avoid while vacationing with family

Family vacations are fun but they can easily turn into a disaster. Here are four travel mistakes that you should avoid while travelling with your fam. 

When it comes to travelling, we have the most fun when we are with our loved ones. Even though we might have bit of ‘nok jhok’ with them time to time, we never leave an opportunity to go on a vacation with our family. 

But planning a family vacay is no cakewalk. It takes a lot more than convincing everyone to take out time from their busy work schedules. Here, we share with you four mistakes that you should always avoid while vacationing with your family. 

Never pick the destination alone

You and your family members may not have the same interests, which is why it is important that you pick a holiday destination that is suitable to all. If you choose the place alone, your loved ones could feel neglected and they won’t be as happy as they should be. 


Never make an itinerary which too packed 

Travelling with elderly or even kids is not simple. With them, you can’t go on exploring 24×7. Making a packed itinerary is one of the biggest mistakes that you can easily avoid. While planning the days, make sure that you keep in blank spaces for everyone to rest. If you feel that this may make you miss out on a few activities, then you can extend your trip by a few days. 

Never leave packing to the last minute 

While travelling with our family, we often find ourself in a situation where we have to pay extra money for luggage at the airport. This is because we leave the task of packing to the last minute. Next time while planning a family vacay, tell everyone in advance how much luggage they can take along and weigh all the bags and suitcases before leaving home. 

Never try to pull it off as a one-man thing 

Travel mistakes to avoid while vacationing with family
Credit: Pexels

Let’s be honest, planning a family vacation is a hectic task. From bookings to choosing the activities, there are n number of tasks that one has to do. And one of the biggest mistakes that you can make while doing so is taking everything in your own hands. It is not possible for one person to plan the whole vacation. So, it is better that you delegate the tasks to your family members. This way, all the tasks will get completed and you will not feel too much pressure. 


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Taking care of sensitive skin while travelling

How to take care of sensitive skin while travelling

If taking care of your sensitive skin while travelling is a big task for you, then we have a few tips and tricks that will solve your problem.

After months of planning and saving money, you get to go on a trip. But as soon as you reach your destination, your skin starts acting up. And, a rash or an acne burst spoils your dream of clicking the perfect photos. This happens because your sensitive skin is unable to adjust with the change of weather. The long travel hours, too, makes your skin tired.

But there are simple tips and tricks that you can follow to take care of your sensitive skin while travelling. Read about them below.

Keep you face clean during train/plane journey

One of the main reasons why your skin acts up is because your pores get clogged and your skin is unable to breathe. The dirt that sticks to face because of the oil may also cause such reaction. An easy way to avoid this is to keep cleaning your skin regularly while travelling in a train or plane. You can also carry also a sheet mask to get a quick hydration boost during your journey.

Take your skincare kit with you

If you have sensitive skin, then you would know how difficult it is to build a skincare kit. Which is why, it is important that you carry the same skincare products while on a trip. Think of it this way, your skin is hardly managing the change in the weather, so, it is important that you don’t experiment with new products.


Say no to hotel toiletries

The little toiletries that you get with the hotel room are adorable but they are your skin’s biggest enemies. No matter how cute the packaging is, you should never try any such product without knowing what’s in them. You never know how your skin may react to the product and if the reaction is bad, it can spoil the whole trip.

Damage control

We all have our misses. Sometimes it’s the wrong product and sometimes it’s something we eat. If you are travelling and your skin acts up, you can go for a quick fix by keeping a doctor-recommended antiallergic pill with you. The medicine will reduce the effect of a rash and may even reduce the puffiness if it’s an acne burst.

Minimal makeup

With your skin adjusting to the new environment, it is important that you give it a proper chance to breathe. Covering your face with heavy makeup can be a big mistake. If you want, you can go for a simple eye makeup and a bit of colour on your lips. But you should definitely avoid putting on foundation. You may feel that putting on foundation may cover your blemishes, but instead, it can make them worse.


travel mistakes to dodge

5 travel mistakes that you should always avoid

There are a lot of things that can turn your fun trip into a dud. Here, we share with you five travel mistakes that you should never make.

After planning and saving money for so long, we get to go on a trip. Those fun times not only give us a chance to relax but also reconnect with our loved ones.

However, certain times, you are not as happy during your vacations as you thought you would be. Ever wondered why is that? It happens because you make small mistakes like forgetting to pack your lounge wear or not making advance bookings for the amusement park you always wanted to visit.

These mistakes can be big mood crushers. But not any more. Listed below are five travel mistakes that you should always dodge.

Packing too much or too little

Travel mistakes to avoid
Credit: Pexels

Packing for a vacay is not only hectic but also very time consuming. One often gets confused as to what to pack and what to leave behind. The trick here is, you need to take along all the essentials but not keep anything extra. If you need more tips on how to pack right, then you should click here.

Not making your bookings in advance

It gets very disappointing when you find out that the hotels are full and you have no place to go with your luggage. This is why, it is always important to make all your bookings in advance. From flight tickets to hotel bookings to even the entry tickets that you would need while doing the touristy things, always make a plan before hand.

Not carrying enough cash

Travel mistakes to avoid
Credit: Pexels

You may think that you have multiple cards and digital cash, so you don’t need to carry hard cash on your trip. Well, this is one of the biggest travel mistakes that you can make. Always, always, always carry cash with you. If you are going to a different country, then you should also get some currency exchanged.

Stepping out without proper protective gears

We all know how things have changed over the past few months. Now, one cannot go out without a face mask and a sanitiser. And, carrying these protective gears along with you on your trips has also become a necessity. In fact, you should always carry extra protective gears with you. You can also read our dos and don’t of travelling during the pandemic here.

Not researching about the destination before hand

Travel mistakes to avoid
Credit: Pexels

There are lot of times that you visit an unknown destination for the first time. While it may be your first visit to the place physically, you can always take virtual trips before hand. It is very important to research about your vacay destination.


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Things to keep in mind during hotel stay

5 things to keep in mind during hotel stay

There are some etiquettes that one must follow during their hotel stay. Here, we share with you a few things that you should always remember before checking in.

Think about it, what’s the best part of going on a relax-cation. It’s the hotel stay. Getting yourself a cosy room with amazing room service and lots of sleep. We all love staying at hotels.

But have you ever thought how do you actually stay at that hotel room and how do you leave it? Have you ever thought what the hotel staff must be thinking about you once you check out?

While staying at a hotel means to unwind yourself completely, however, there are some etiquettes that one must remember before checking in.

Here are five things that you should keep in mind during a hotel stay:

Things to keep in mind during hotel stay
Credit: Pexels

It’s your second home

The most important thing is that you should adapt to the place. You should prepare yourself that you will be staying in a place for a long time, so, it is vital that you think as if it is your home. If you don’t do that, you may notice that you are unable to sleep properly.

Keep it clean

Even though you have the hotel staff to come and clean the room any time you want, you should make a conscious effort to keep the room clean yourself. Do not litter unnecessarily and put the garbage only in the dustbin. You will realise that doing this will fill you with positivity.

Get things that make you comfy

In order to be comfortable at the hotel, you can carry something that reminds you of your home. It can be your favourite blanket or a toy or even scented candle. You can carry a few things that will not occupy too much space but will help you in getting comfortable.

Never take away anything

You must have heard anecdotes from people about how they got towels or sheets from the hotels. You should never do that. Always think that someone else will come and stay in the very same room after you and you would not want to hamper their stay. You can use the amenities and goodies provided by the hotel as much as you like, but taking away their property is a big no-no.

Things to keep in mind during hotel stay
Credit: Pexels

Leave it at it’s best

You are not going to stay at a hotel just once and you are not the only person who will be staying in that room. So, make sure that you don’t do any damage in any away. If you are with your kids, make sure that they don’t write on the walls or you don’t wipe off anything on the curtains. Such things cannot be replaced again and again. How would you feel if you book a hotel room only to find dirty walls and torn curtains? It’s something we all should care about.


Travel tips - travelling with a baby

5 things to keep in mind while travelling with a baby – travel tips

If you are a new parent and are planning to go on a trip with your little munchkin, then we have a few travel tips that will prove helpful.

There is no happier feeling than becoming a parent, they say. But it is also true that a person’s life turns upside down after becoming a parent. It’s no more about you, it’s all about the baby and parents happily put their kids before them.

However, if you are a globetrotter, then travelling must have changed for you following your kid’s arrival. For new parents, one thing that worries them a lot is going on a trip with their kid for the first time.

Is this very same thought giving you sleepless nights? Not anymore! Here, we have listed five travel tips that will help make your first trip with your baby a success.

Pack right, here’s how

Travelling with a baby
Credit: Pexels

Picking out multiple outfits with matching accessories for each day of the vacation. It’s all in the past now! While planning a trip with your little munchkin, you need to pack light for yourself but heavy for the baby. Make a list and keep everything that the baby might need during the vacation.

Always carry extra clothes (Write down the travel tips and underline this)

Travel tips - travelling with a baby
Credit: Pexels

For kids, their clothes are their canvas and they love to colour them over and again. You get it, right? Make sure that you keep lots and lots of extra pairs of clothes for your baby otherwise you’ll just spend your vacay washing and drying clothes.

Snack time? Always

Travelling with a baby
Credit: Pexels

Their tummies are small and they get empty often. You’ll for sure eat amazing food during your vacation but don’t forget to pack little snack time treats for your kid. Kids tend to get cranky when they get hungry. To avoid this, you can prepare a food bag for them.

Don’t forget a baby carrier, one of the most important travel tips

Travel tips - travelling with a baby
Credit: Pexels

Going to new places means being all touristy. While you may have the stamina to walk for hours, your kid doesn’t. Babies get tired easily and if you are travelling with an infant, he/she will always be in your arms. For your comfort, you can take along a baby carrier. This way your baby will always be with you and your hands will also be free.

Where are the toys?

Travel tips - travelling with a. baby
Credit: Pexels

Babies get bored easily. You may think something has caught their attention and they will be busy for a while, but you are wrong. Just a blink of the eye and your kid needs something new. To keep them busy during the vacay and for you to sneak in a bit of me time, you can always carry their favourite toys along.


Travel skincare tips hydrated skin

Travel tips! Know how you can keep your skin hydrated while travelling

Planning a trip but worried that your skin might act up and spoil your vacay? Here are some travel tips that will help you keep your skin hydrated and supple.

It all starts with the idea of going on a vacation popping in our head. We book tickets, make hotel reservations and wait in anticipation. When the date finally approaches, we excitedly start packing for our trip. But right before our vacation begins, the excitement fizzles because our skin starts acting up. It’s like as soon as we board the flight, our skin dries up like it never had moisture. 

The words written above are relatable, aren’t they? How many times has this happened that you are fine when you leave your hometown, but as you reach the destination, your skin feels dehydrated and starts getting dry and flaky. This results in you looking dull in your vacay photos. 

Not anymore! We have a few super simple travel tips that will help keep your skin hydrated throughout your trip and you will look your glowing self during your holiday. 

Start skincare on flight 

Travel skincare tips hydrated skin
Credit: Pexels

If you have long flying hours, you fly from one kind of weather to another and many a times, your skin is unable to adapt the sudden change. Not just this, but your skin also gets tired due to the travel time. To save yourself from this, you need to start taking care of your skin as soon as you board the flight. For this, you can simply take a sheet mask and put it on your face while you’re travelling. This will give a hydration boost to your skin, protecting it from getting dry. 

Face mist is bae 

Travel skincare tips hydrated skin
Credit: Pexels

While travelling, you don’t find enough places where you can wash your face. This leads to collection of dirt on your face, which clogs your pores and your skin is unable to breathe. Always, always, always carry a face mist with you while travelling. This is the simplest way of keeping your skin hydrated while on a vacation. Just a spritz or two will make your skin fresh and supple. 

Don’t depend on hotel toiletries 

Travel skincare tips hydrated skin
Credit: Pexels

The toiletries that you get with your hotel room are like a small surprise, but you should not depend on them, especially the face wash. You should always carry the face wash you use regularly even during your trip. Changing your face wash suddenly can make your skin act up. Because your skin is already adapting to the new weather, do not experiment with new products. 

Moisturising is a must

Travel skincare tips hydrated skin
Credit: Pexels

To protect your skin from getting dry and flaky, it is very important that you moisturise it. Now, you can use a variety of products to do this. You can use a cream-based moisturiser or can go for a gel-based one. If you wish to go organic, you can also use extra virgin coconut oil to keep your skin well moisturised.  

Wipe it, wipe it, wipe it 

Travel skincare tips hydrated skin
Credit: Pexels

When you are on a vacation, you go places. While exploring is fun, it’s not very good for the skin. You get exposed to sun and dirt. All these things make it difficult for your skin to breathe. To avoid this, it is very important that you keep cleaning your skin over and again. For this, you can carry a pack of wet wipes. Now, you must be thinking that this may remove your makeup, but then you will have to compromise makeup for healthy skin. You can always carry loose powder for a quick touchup.

If you are looking for more travel tips, you can click here and you need more skin care tips, then click here

Travel tips for vacation with bae

First vacay with bae? These travel tips will come in handy

Excited to go on your first trip with bae? These travel tips will prove helpful.

The joy of going on a vacation doubles when we have good company by our side. Sharing fun experiences and special moments with them makes the trip memorable. And the one person with whom we always wish to travel is our special someone. With love in the air, the vacay becomes like a sweet dream. 

But, if you are in a new relationship and are planning to go on a trip with your partner, then you need to prepare for it. It’s no more a casual trip, but this is that one thing that will define the future of your relationship. 

Don’t be too scared. Here, we have mentioned five travel tips that will help make your first trip with your partner a success. 

Travel tips for vacation with bae
Credit: Pexels

Always take your partner’s opinion 

From choosing the destination to picking the hotel, always ask for your partner’s opinion. It’s very important that you make them feel like they are a part of the whole trip planning process. Both of you can sit down and decide where you want to go for your first vacay and make other decisions. 

Budget is important 

When travelling with your friends, you always fix a budget. You need to do the same with your bae. Ask your partner how much they want to spend on the trip. This will help you figure out how much you’ll have in hand to spend on the vacation after doing all the bookings and fixed expenses. 

Travel tips for vacation with bae
Credit: Pexels


No matter how excited you are, you should not forget that this is your first trip with your partner. This is probably the first time that you will be together for so long in one go. So, make sure that you put in alone time for both of you. Staying together 24×7 should not get overwhelming. 

Plan amazing surprises 

Be it a woman or a man, everyone loves surprises. And, if you are taking the reins to plan the trip, then make sure you plan little surprises for your special someone. It doesn’t have to be too grand, you can simply plan a candlelight dinner. 

Travel tips for vacation with bae
Credit: Pexels

Give yourself importance 

It is for sure that you should prioritise the needs of your partner and think about what they would like first. But in all this, you should not forget yourself. You should put in the activities that you like and do things as per your wish as well. It is important that you plan a vacay that will make you happy too. 

Here are some tips that will prove helpful if you are travelling with your pet, girl gang or with your family.

Things to keep in mind while travelling with pets

TRAVEL TIPS! All you need to know about travelling with a furry Pal

Your dream of travelling with your furry friend can now become a reality. Here, we have five important travel tips that you should keep in mind while going on a vacay with your pet.

We all love taking a break from our busy work schedules and unwind. Going on a vacation with our loved ones is absolutely blissful. Imagine chilling on the beachside with a glass of piña colada in your hand, sitting next to your beau, perfect isn’t it? But the most upsetting thing, that makes us want to cancel our trip every time, is leaving our pets at home.

We love our furry friends but taking them with us on a vacation is a rare occasion. While there are restrictions at some places, it’s also our fear that they will not like the new place which forces us to go without them.

Things to keep in mind while travelling with pets
Credit: Pexels

But not anymore! We have five important travel tips that can make your dream of travelling with your furry friend come true.

Prepare a travel kit

One of the most important and hectic things that we do before going on a vacay is packing. From trendy outfits to matching accessories, we spend a lot of time getting it right. This is exactly what you need to do for your pet. From food packets and paper towels to food bowl and collar belt, you need to make sure that you keep anything and everything that your pet might need.

Things to keep in mind while travelling with pets
Credit: Pexels

Practise the trip

This one is very important. Before going on the actual trip, you need to practise it. Take your pet on small rides for a few days, so that it gets used to travelling. Going on a long trip suddenly can get overwhelming for your furry friend.

Never leave them alone

If you are planning a road trip with your pet, then make sure that you don’t leave them alone in a parked car at any given point. It’s not okay to crack the window open and leave them alone ‘just for a little while’. You may not notice but this will scare your little pal.

Things to keep in mind while travelling with pets
Credit: Pexels

Research well

It is very important for you to do the research work before heading for the trip. You need to check if the hotel that you have booked is pet-friendly or not or will you be able to do different activities with your pet at the destination you are heading to.

Take a break and let your furry friend relax

Covering long stretches at once can get stressful for you pet. So, whenever you get a chance, take a break and let your pal relax. This will also give you a break and you won’t get too tired either.


Tips for people travelling on budget

Travelling on a budget? 5 things you should keep in mind

Thinking about where all you will be travelling to after successfully surpassing the pandemic? Here, we have listed five important tips for those travelling on a budget.

For those who love travelling, taking a vacation after every few months is a necessity. It is important for them to take a break in order to continue with their daily mundane tasks, otherwise their mind keeps wandering off to distant places. But for such people, luxury trips are not always an option. Relatable, isn’t it? 

Once or twice we use our savings to get ourself a five star hotel stay and a first class air ticket, but more often than that, we travel on a budget. 

Although keeping in mind the global pandemic, the only trip we have been taking is from our bedroom to our living room (imagine a very grumpy face here). 

But we are hopeful that the crisis will get over soon and we will get a chance to explore this beautiful world again. Coming back to our topic, if you are someone who is looking for tips to plan and manage a budgeted trip, then we have five very important and useful pointers below. Read on! 

Travel tips for budget travel
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Never say no to a deal while travelling on a budget

The first thing you need to do while travelling on a budget is to fix a budget. Once you know how much money you are willing to spend on the trip, you should start booking your air tickets, do hotel bookings and buy other tickets that you may require. 

Just scan though the Internet and find as many deals and combo offers as possible. Don’t shy away from using all your discount coupons. This can save you a lot of money. 

Pick the right hotel location 

When you are away from home, you usually take a cab to travel from one place to another, and the collective cab fare can be too much sometimes. You can save a lot on that by picking a hotel that is near by all the touristy destinations, so, you won’t have to travel too much by cab. 

Tips for travelling on budget
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While planning a trip, there are a few expenses that you know would definitely happen and there is no way you can get out of those. So, as soon as you start planning for the trip, maintain a diary and write down all the expenses that are bound to happen. This will give you a rough idea as to how much money you have already spent and how much is left. 

Take your munchies with you 

Every now and then, your tummy makes noises and tells you that it needs something. These little hunger pangs can cost you a lot. An easy way out of this is to carry some snacks with you. You wouldn’t want to binge on overpriced hotel munchies now, would you?

Tips for travelling on budget
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Get at least one souvenir

While on a trip, the most important thing is to make memories. We are sure that you will click hundreds of photos, but you should also get yourself one souvenir each from all the places you visit. These will remind you of the good times once your trip is over. 


Tips for planning family vacation

5 things to keep in mind while planning a family vacation

Waiting for the crisis to get over so that you can take a trip with your loved ones? Plan ahead! Here are five pointers you should keep in mind while you think about your next family vacation.

They are the people we love the most, but let’s be honest, being with them for too long can be a little overwhelming. But isn’t that what a family is all about, pulling each other’s legs constantly yet sticking together all the time? And, it won’t be wrong to say that we have the most fun when we are with our family members, which is why we always crave to go on a vacation with them. 

Talking about family vacations, planning one is no cakewalk. For starters, everyone won’t agree to one destination and even if they do, the dates won’t match. There are zillion things one needs to take care of while planning a family vacay. 

So, while you wait for the government to relax the travel restrictions, you can make a note of these pointers below and start planning your next family vacation. 

Pick the right destination 

When you are with your friends, your interests usually match. But with your family members, everyone likes different things. So, it becomes important that you pick a destination that caters to everyone’s needs. A simple way to do this is by asking everyone which place they would like to go to and then contemplate which amongst them will be suitable for all. 

Tips for family vacation
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How to coordinate dates ?

One thing that will surely give you sleepless nights is picking dates for the vacation. An easy way out of this is to plan ahead, way ahead. As soon as the first thought of going on a vacation comes in your mind, tell all your family members a rough time period during which you’ll be taking the trip. This will help them clear their schedules in advance and there won’t be any problem later. 

Travel plan 

If you are travelling with your parents or have kids in your family, then one thing is for sure, you will have to put in a lot of thought while planning the itinerary. You will have to put in lots of empty spaces for the elderly to rest. Even those who will be taking care of the kids, will need some time to relax. The best way to sort this out is that you can plan one activity per day or plan half a day of sight seeing. 

Equal luggage distribution 

From vacay outfits to shoes to gadgets, in today’s era, everyone has too much stuff they ‘need to carry’ while travelling, no matter what age. Most of the time, it ends up with you paying extra money for baggage at the airport. A simple way to get out of this is, you tell everyone in advance how much luggage they can carry and weigh all the bags before leaving the house. 

Tips for family vacation
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Everyone should pitch in 

Planning a family vacay is a tough task and it is nearly impossible to do it alone. So, going by ‘we are all in this together’, delegate your family members the tasks you think they’ll be able to do perfectly. And in no time everything will be done. 

Share your experience of planning a family trip with us in the comment section below. 



5 things to keep in mind while planning a trek-cation

If you are the one for trekking, then we have listed out a few important points that will help you plan for you next trek-cation.

Let’s start by saying that nothing can compensate for the lives we have lost in the battle against COVID-19. But as we practise social distancing by restricting our movement, all we can think about is the lush greenery of the hills. Under the guidance of the bright sun when we used to walk on the path less taken to discover the unknown, ah! the good old days. For those who can relate, would have gotten an idea that we are talking about our trekking trips and how much we miss them.

While for some people, trekking is more of a one-day activity that they take part in during a vacation, for some trekking is the whole vacation. Here, we are talking about a trek-cation.

For the uninitiated, this is a type of vacation where the only purpose is to go on different treks. They can be a combination of several small routes or just one long route.

Now, if you are intrigued, and are planning to go on a trek-cation after we surpass the crisis, then here are some points that you should keep in mind.


When it’s about nature, you can never be too sure. So, first thing that you need to do is prepare a utility bag. From extra pair of clothes to flash light to even a nail cutter, this bag should have everything you might need during the trek.

Backpack for trek-cation
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While it’s true that there is no better partner for trekking than the nature itself, it is always better to go on the trip with someone. You not only get someone to depend upon, but it also is a great chance for bonding.

Pre-trek prep

You might think, “I walk everyday, so, I don’t need to do any preparation for trekking.” Well, that is one big mistake which you should avoid. If the only purpose of your trip is to trek, then you need to prepare your body to walk long distances.

Good old gadegets

Because you’ll be in the lap of nature, you can’t be too sure about the phone and internet connectivity. So, it is better to go old school and carry a map and a compass with you.

Compass for trekking
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Mind over matter

Let’s be honest, trekking is no cakewalk. Apart from prepping you body, you also need to prepare your mind for the tough situations you might face while trekking. For this, you can practice meditation, as it will help you keep your mind calm once you go on the trip.


Go on a chilled out vacation to Coorg

Take a relax-cation to Coorg; rejuvenate in the lap of nature

For all those who are planning to go on a long vacation, just to relax, after the coronavirus crisis gets over, Coorg is the place you should head to.

There would hardly be any person who would say that they don’t like to travel. We all love going to new places to explore the unknown. Now, if you think carefully, you’ll find out that there are two types of vacations that people take. One is the ‘explorer’ kind, where as soon as we reach the destination, we start thinking about all the tourist spots we want to cover all the activities we wish to do. The second one, which we are going to talk about in this web post, is the ‘chiller’ kind, where all we do is relax and rejuvenate. 

Talking about places in India where one can go for a relax-cation, Coorg has always been on top of our list. This small town in Southern Karnataka is known for its natural beauty, varied wildlife and world-class coffee. The best time to visit Coorg is between September to June and the best route to reach this place is via Bangalore. 

tips for planning a trip to coorg

Now, while planning a vacation to Coorg, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you should look for a good resort, which will have the amenities to keep you entertained throughout the stay if you don’t wish to step out. This will depend on how much you wish to spend on the stay. 

When in Coorg, you can explore a lot by taking the road less taken. If you are the one for trekking, then this place can give you many such adventures. So, when you pack for the trip, don’t forget to put a pair of sneakers. 

Things to do in Coorg

Not just this, here you’ll also get a chance to reboot amid the nature. There is so much greenery here that it will make your mood pleasant and take away all the stress. The increased level of oxygen is also very good for your health. Nature lovers will get to see different varieties of flora here. There are a few waterfalls in Coorg as well, Abbey Falls being the most popular amongst them. Don’t forget to pack a camera to capture all the natural beauty. 

Things to do in Coorg

Coming to a very important point for coffee lovers, Coorg is known for its coffee plantations. Apart from witnessing the plantations, you can also get oodles of coffee beans and ground coffee for yourself and your loved ones. Don’t go all ‘I can get this back home’ because there is a reason why the coffee here is so famous. 

Things to do in Coorg

Coorg doesn’t have many tourists spots, but one that you should definitely visit is the Dubare Elephant Camp. This camp provides interacting sessions with the elephants along with safari. Feeding and bathing the elephants are some of the activities you can do here. 

A vacation to this place can help you reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. It also makes for a perfect spiritual retreat in the lap of nature. 


Tips on how to plan your next holiday

Travel Hacks: Things to keep in mind before planning your next trip abroad

Going on a trip takes weeks of planning and making a lot of bookings. Here are some travel hacks for you that will help you have a safe trip without any hiccups.

However interesting and adventurous it might sound to leave spontaneously for a trip, but it generally does not work out while you are travelling abroad. There are a lot of things that need to be considered, thought about and be prepared for, before you set out on an adventure on an unfamiliar land and in a totally different country.

So, if you are one of those people who are planning a trip in the near future, here are some pointers that will help you. These pointers will make sure that your trip goes smoothly, without any hiccups.

Travel hacks for your next adventure

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is think of the place that you will be going to and who you will be going with. Once you have your next holiday location sorted, you need to figure out the number of days you will be spending in that place and the activities that you will be doing there.

This involves taking a lot of help from Google.

Once all of those things are finalised, you need to do the bookings which include – accommodations, flight or train tickets during the trip and places such as amusement parks or other events, which you will be attending. 

Read some more recommendations for your next adventure

Another extremely important thing to do is to check the weather forecast of the place that you’ll be visiting and pack accordingly. Carrying a small umbrella with you during the trip at all times is highly recommended.

Plan each day of your trip diligently and take a travel insurance. It is a must.

Another pro tip is, check the plug sockets that are used at your destination and carry a converter with yourself if they are different from the plugs that you use in your homeland.

If you are one of those people who believe in swiping cards during vacations and not carry a lot of money, it is still advisable to convert and carry some currency for emergency purposes.

Plan thoroughly and have an amazing trip.


Tips for solo travellers

5 things solo backpackers should keep in mind

Hey there, traveller, going solo for the first time? These five tips will prove useful for your trip. All solo backpackers should bookmark them.

Who doesn’t love to take a break from their busy work schedule and travel to new places to explore the unknown? We, for one, are suckers for adventure, and all of us would agree that nothing compares to the thrill of a solo trip. 

While everyone loves to stay in five-star hotels and enjoy chauffeur-driven rides, it’s not always we can afford them. And when we are on a tight budget, backpacking always comes to our rescue. 

So, if you are a solo traveller on a budget, you should think to go down the backpacking route. And, when you do, these tips will help you plan the trip. 

Important tips for solo backpackers 

Know the place

To plan any trip, you need to first decide the destination. While when you are travelling with your family and friends, you can get to know the place after you reach there, the most important thing, when it comes to backpacking, is planning ahead. You’ll have to take many virtual tours of the place before you actually go there. Imagine how bad it would be to get lost in an unknown destination. 

All essentials in a bag

Because you are going low on the budget, you would have to suffice with an average hotel, which might not have a lot of facilities. So, you’ll need to take all the things you might need, from bed covers to extension cord, along with you. 

Make a list

Going solo is uber cool but because of this, you won’t have your parents or your partner to remind you if you have your tickets in place or if you have kept enough pairs of socks. You’ll have to do it all by yourself. So, before you start packing, sit back and make a list of all the things that you’ll need to take along. 

Go local

Though it is important to thoroughly know the destination you are heading to, you should also prepare yourself for some adventure, to take the road less taken. No one can tell you about a place more than the locals, so, interact with them and make friends. 

Heavy on technology

Going to a place where there might be a language barrier and the ways will definitely be unknown, it is a bit risky. In a situation like this, you should definitely depend on technology. Apart from the phone’s GPS, you should also get an old school compass. If you love taking photographs, you can also carry a DSLR or a Polaroid camera. Keeping a power bank is of utmost importance.


Travel to Dubai

Dubai – the land for one and all

Looking for a place to travel post the COVID-19 crisis? Dubai is where you should head to.

Let’s start by saying that there must have been instances when all of us would have said ‘ah! I can’t deal with my family anymore’, but it is also true that we have the most fun when we are with our loved ones. From a picnic in the park to a vacation overseas, we look for chances to spend quality time with our family, no matter how much we crib while holidaying with them. So, when I took the rein to plan my family holiday, I started to wonder what place would be good enough to cater to all our needs – some fun, some adventure and lots of shopping. And, the first place that came to my mind was Dubai. 

Things you need to know while planning YOUR Dubai trip

As soon as I booked the tickets, I started the research work. From places to visit, to finding a good stay, I was on a virtual trip for a long time. While at it, the first thing I found to be different than our country was that the check-in time of the hotels was 3 PM. After adjusting the time difference, we would have to wait for 4-5 hours to get the room after we land, which was a big issue.  

Taking the unusual route, I booked our stay at an Airbnb. Almost in the price of a hotel room, I got myself a 2 BHK apartment at a prime location, which was just a 3 minutes walk from the Burj Khalifa. Though the check-in times there was also 3 PM, the person managing the apartment was happy to adjust. 

Hacks to save tons of money

If you, too, are planning a trip to Dubai after the coronavirus pandemic, then you should know that the cab service there is pretty costly. But you can save tons of money by dividing your stay in two places, which is exactly what I did. I booked one apartment in Downtown Dubai and the other one near Palm Jumeirah. By doing this, I was able to cover all the tourists spots in both the places and saved a lot of time on the commute. 

Talking about the places to visit, keep two days only for the Dubai mall, trust me it’s bigger than you think it is. Apart from all the amazing branded stores you would dream to shop at and the delicious food joints where you would enjoy feasting, there is so much more to do at the Dubai mall. The aquarium is a must-visit, and even though you can see the fountain show from a lot of places, you’ll get the best experience by taking a boat ride or a walk on the bridge, both of them have reasonable prices. Near the fountain you also get a great view of the Burj Khalifa. 

Burj Khalifa at top
At the top, Burj Khalifa

Seeing the Burj Khalifa from the outside is totally a different experience than being inside, trust me, it is a one-of-a-kind experience you wouldn’t want to miss. Don’t think of the cost, just go for it.

Another important travel hack 

Another thing that you should take a note of is that you should make as many bookings in advance as you can. There are many sites that give you combo offers, which will help you save a lot of money. It is definitely way cheaper than buying tickets on the spot. 

During the visit, while it was obvious for us to cover popular spots such as the gold market, there was this one newly open place that I couldn’t read much about online, but it was a lovely visit. It was called La Mer. By the side of a beach, it had many amazing restaurants and a beautiful pathway where one could walk and explore the whole place. 

The beautiful La Mer, Dubai
The beautiful La Mer

After we were done with Downtown Dubai, we shifted to our second apartment, which was in Dubai Marina by Emaar. The place was drastically different from the pervious one as it had more of a beachy vibe. From there we took the desert safari tour and visited the Ferrari world, both of which you should definitely do. Because I was travelling with my parents, I had planned the trip in such a way that it doesn’t get too exhausting for them. So, I had spread out the activities and had kept empty spaces in between for us to do on-the-spot activities. One such activity was the yacht ride. It was excatly like they show in the movies. 

During my stay there, I also visited the Burj Al Arab and the Atlantis. There are many activities that you can do at Atlantis, The Palm. 

Plan the trip yourself

In the end, I would say that instead of getting a tour package from a travel agent, I planned the whole trip myself and because of this, I was able to include all the activities I wanted to and most importantly, when I wanted to. I personally feel that even though it’s more of a headache, it’s a better way to plan the trip. Talking about the currency, you can either get the money converted before your trip or you can easily get it at the Dubai airport. 

Ferrari World, a must-visit
Ferrari World, a must-visit

Lastly, while you are there make sure that you make lots of memories, click oodles of photos and collect several souvenirs, so that once the trip is over, you have amazing memories to look back at.