Time to try some Indian gin

GinGin: India’s first hemp craft gin! You read that right

GinGin is a homegrown gin which has some interesting ingredients. Read on to know more about it in detail.

When it comes to beer, rum or whisky, Indians have pretty much decoded how to make them. But when it comes to Gin, we are still learning, slowly and steadily coming up with some of the greatest products.

Another Indian gin which is made using all Indian products is about to hit the market. GinGin is a Goa-based gin brand, which will soon be available on the shelves. We can’t wait to try it out.

Let’s learn a little more about GinGin

The Gin is gluten-free as it is distilled many times. The homegrown brand has used everything Indian to make the liquor. From the ingredients to the packaging, we mean everything. Talk about being local. It is also the first Indian gin to use the vapour infusion method during the making. That introduces the subtle and intricate flavours of its ingredients.

The packaging is also gorgeous. Just a clear simple bottle with cork lock. The best part about the packaging is that there are markings telling you how much gin you are left with and when it is time to buy a new bottle. 

Ingredients of GinGin

But what is most interesting about the alcohol is its ingredients. It is made of Juniper Berries which are a common ingredient. The second ingredient is coriander that adds a citrus flavour to it. The third one is dalchini to add those earthy flavours. Next are rosemary and lemongrass along with lavender, caraway seeds and blue pea flowers. 

However, it is the final ingredient that is a surprise. They use hemp in the it. You can read that again. Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. It is non-intoxicating and is grown specifically for industrial uses.

The makers of GinGin, in a post, said, “Hemp Seeds. Now now now, we are not playing to the fad of hemp gins, we do truly love the botanicals in our gin all equally, and hemp being a part of it is no different. Hemp, as we know, has been there for thousands of years in our own Indian Ayurveda. It is often is cultivated for either industrial use to make ropes and fabric or for the use as a superfood. Hemp seeds are also a great source of vitamin E and minerals, such as phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron, and zinc. Hemp in our gin brings in a new almost savoury, lingering taste that leaves a lasting mouthfeel and slowly introduces you to the other peculiar botanicals, in the gin.”

GinGin is the first Indian hemp craft gin.

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