Taapsee Pannu has a gorgeous home

Taapsee Pannu has a home that looks like a pinterest board

Taapsee Pannu has a gorgeous home. With white walls and floral print furniture, the actress has a home that looks nothing short of a Pinterest board.

By now, we have taken a sneak peek into the houses of many celebrities, from Katrina Kaif‘s modern yet rustic humble abode to Ananya Panday‘s chic home. But it is Taapsee Pannu whose home we are most excited about.

You know why? The Badla actress has styled her home in a way that it looks nothing short of a Pinterest board. She has taken care of such minute details that every part of her house inspires us. From the balcony to her bedroom, every corner says something about Taapsee.

Drawing Room

With white walls and very subtle furniture colour pieces, Taapsee has made a space for herself that reflects her personality. No furniture piece is too loud, and you will see pastel pink and blue chairs in many photos. Though these furniture pieces are not too loud, they manage to make a statement.

There is one large grey sofa in the drawing room that brings the whole room together. There is also one huge clock that kind of covers the entire wall. In the rest of the drawing room, you will see a lot of floral prints and quirky cushions.


Wall plants, a swing and a gorgeous view of the city, that is what comprises of Taapsee’s balcony. The eye to detail left us speechless. The large glass doors give the feeling of inside-outside living and we can spend an entire day here without getting bored of the view.


A floral print bead head with white frame, white sheer curtains and polaroids of her loved ones. Many-many polaroids. We can very surely say that every girl must have dreamt of having such a room at least once in their lifetime.

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