Take a look inside Parineeti Chopra's home

Step inside the modern home of Parineeti Chopra. You will fall in love

Come along and take a look inside the modern-chic home of Parineeti Chopra. You will be highly inspired to redo the interiors of your home.

We have always been interested in what the homes of celebrities look like. Looking at the way they have designed their homes and how they have styled it, suiting their personalities, it is always great to take some ideas. Whenever we look at something beautiful, we do get inspired to add it in our lives and give it our own personal touch.

The same is with interior designing. Celebrities have beautiful homes and when we look at them, we always feel like doing something similar to our safe haven. Today, we are going to look at the gorgeous home of Parineeti Chopra.

The Kesari actress has made a modern-chic home for herself in the busy Mumbai city. The colours of the furniture and the walls give a very calm vibe to her home which is perfect to come back to after a busy day.

Drawing Room

She has set a monochromatic look for her drawing room. The furniture is a mix of white and black and the floor to ceiling door gives it a very outdoor-indoor living vibe. It also has a great view of the Mumbai skyline.

Straight to the serene balcony of Parineeti Chopra

From her drawing/dining room to her balcony, it follows a minimalistic theme. No fuss-no muss is Parineeti’s mantra when it comes to outdoor spaces.

Have a look at some of the other areas

Parineeti’s entire home has wooden flooring and you will see some great pieces of wooden furniture in her serene home.

You will also see some pop of colours in her home and let us tell you, Parineeti has a shoe closet to die for.

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