Coconut Modak at home

Start prepping for Ganesh Chaturthi – learn how to make coconut modak

Have you started prepping for Ganesh Chaturthi yet? Well, we have and today, we’ll be sharing with you our simple recipe for coconut modak.

The festive season is about to kick-start. On August 22, people across India will be celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. Prior to that, they will bring home a Ganpati idol to worship the lord. Now, we all know that one dish that everyone gets to eat during the festive days is modak.

But because of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not a wise choice to get modaks from the market this year. Fret not, here we share with you an easy recipe for coconut modak that will double your enthusiasm for the festival.

Check out the ingredients you’ll need to make the coconut modak

Mawa/Khoya1 kg
Petha (sweet)250 gms
Coconut Powder250 gms
Cardamom powder1 tsp
Yellow food colouring3-4 drops

Follow this recipe

To make the modak, grate the mawa/khoya in a clean bowl. Then grate the petha and mix the two ingredients together. Now add, coconut powder or shredded coconut in the mix. Make sure that you keep some aside for decorating.

Now, add cardamon powder and food colouring, and mix well. You will have a soft dough. After this, take a small portion in your hand and give it the shape of a modak. You can also make round balls if you want.

Top the modak with the leftover coconut powder. This is the basic recipe and you can try many variations by adding dry fruits.


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