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Spain and Slovakia to give gratis visa to Indians. What is it?

If you were travelling to Spain and Slovakia and the plan got cancelled because of the novel coronavirus, there is some good news for you. Read on.

The novel coronavirus outbreak did put a damper on everyone’s vacation plans. People had tickets, visas, hotel bookings and all the other requirements for a holiday were in place, but everything went down the drain.

However, if you were one of those people who were all set to visit Spain and Slovakia this year, there is some good news for you. But, this good news is only for the people who had applied for a Schengen visa for these two places and had gotten it.

Were you travelling to Spain and Slovakia?

Due to COVID-19, all international flights were banned. Everyone’s travel plans were cancelled. A lot of people also suffered a loss of money because their bookings were non-refundable. People had questions about what would happen to the visas and hotel bookings.

However, the travellers, who had applied for a Schengen visa, especially for Spain and Slovakia and gotten it, can apply for the visa again. The visa application will not be chargeable and the travellers will for sure get the visa. Once things get back to normal, these people will be able to continue with their travel plans.

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This is not only for people who had tourist visas. Anyone and everyone is applicable for this waiver by these two countries. These special visas are known as gratis visas.

Though international flights are still banned, things seem to be getting better. The destination for the air bubbles from India are expanding. Recently, Maldives was also added to the list. It is yet to be decided, what the rules will be or when the flights will start. But things are getting better.

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