sustainable home decor

Simple ways to make your home sustainable

Sustainability is very important, even when it comes to home decor. Here, we share with you five easy and doable hacks that will make your humble abode environment-friendly.

The world is changing and with each passing day, we are becoming more sensitive towards nature. From our clothes to other things of everyday use, we are shifting towards a sustainable lifestyle. This is something that we all should consciously do, as it is the need of the hour.

It is all about the little things, the small efforts that matter the most. Bringing basic changes in your lifestyle can help Mother Nature. You can even make your home sustainable with these alterations. Wondering how? Read on…

Here, we have listed five tips that will help you make your humble abode environment-friendly.

Fill it with plants

Sustainable home decor
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Having greenery around not only makes your home look beautiful but it is also very good for your health. You can get your favourite plants and dedicate a corner in your house where you keep them. If you have a big balcony, you can also put lots of plants there. You will notice that they are such mood boosters.

Bird feeders

Sustainable home decor
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Having some kind of nature around in the metropolitan jungle is very important. You can easily do this by placing a bird feeder. By doing so, you will get to hear the happy chirping and the little birdies will also not go hungry. Along with the food grains, you can also keep water for the birds.

Refurbished wood for furniture

Every time you redecorate your home, you always look for new furniture. But have you ever thought what happens to the old stock? It goes to waste. Instead of buying new furniture, this time, use the same wood and other reusable material from the existing one to make new furniture.

Waste disposal

By managing the way you dispose off waste, you can easily make your home sustainable. Start with segregating dry and wet waste. Now, instead of using plastic waste bags, you can line the dustbin with newspapers. If it is possible, then you can also create fertiliser for you plants by using the wet waste.

Glass or ceramic containers

Sustainable home decor
Credit: Pexels

Lastly, the worst thing that we could do to Mother Nature is loading it with plastic. Make a conscious choice to not bring any plastic bottles or containers in your home. You could use glass or ceramic containers instead. You could also reuse the containers that come along with store-bought products.

Step-by-step, putting in minimal efforts, you can make your home sustainable.


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