Here is why Sicily should be your next vacation spot

Sicily is luring back tourist by funding part of tickets and hotel stay

Sicily tourism department will be paying half of your flight tickets and one-third of your hotel stay cost if you plan your next vacation there.

You must have been planning your holiday by now, jotting down places you can visit and making a list of things that you are going to do while you are there. What if we say that we also have a suggestion for you? Head to Sicily. For this beach vacation, you will have to pay only half of your flight fare.

The tourism department of the island will also cover one-third of your hotel cost. Meaning your third night in the hotel would be free.

That is not all, free entry to most museums and archaeological sites will also be available for you. This is not a hypothetical situation, Sicily is really giving all of this to the tourists.


This gorgeous island in the South of Italy is doing all of this to lure back tourists. Once things go back to normal and borders are reopened, Sicily is planning to implement all of this. Tourism is one of the major income sources for the island, which is full of lush beaches and the most delectable food.

Head to Sicily for you next vacation

As Italy is one of the countries that was hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus, it reportedly lost over USD one billion in tourism earnings after the borders were closed on March 10.

The government of Sicily has apparently kept aside over USD 5 million for the scheme.

How to get the voucher

Now, talking about how you can avail the offer, Manlio Messina, Sicily’s tourism director, announced that there are 40,000 vouchers that can be availed. For this you will have to go to the Visit Sicily website.

Though no final dates have been announced yet, this plan will come into action as soon as Italy opens its borders for tourism.

It is time to start prepping for your next beach vacation in the marvel of nature that is Sicily. This vacation will have the most appetising food and wine that you will remember for a long-long time.

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