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Protocols you need to follow if you want to come to India during pandemic

If you are a citizen of India stranded abroad and want to come back to your country amid the pandemic, there are a few protocols that need to be followed. Read about them here.

We just spoke to you about air bubbles in our recent post. Air bubbles are the direct flights to and from India that have launched recently. With these bubbles, Indians can travel to and from countries like the USA, UK, France and Germany.

We told you about the very strict rules and we also mentioned the protocols for people who need to fly out of India for some work. However, if people want to fly back to India, the rules and protocols are way stricter. Today, we are going to talk about that.

The travel permission is being given only to the countries that are considered somewhat safe and are on the low-risk list. Meaning that these places have kind of taken care of the pandemic situation.

let’s talk about the people who want to enter India

India launched the Vande Bharat mission bringing home stranded Indians a few months ago. However, if people want to come to India during the pandemic for whatever reason, they will have to register at the Vande Bharat website and state the reason for coming.

If you are an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), there are various cases that you can register yourself for a seat on the plane. A minor (OCI) child can register if his/her parents are in India. People who have medical family emergencies can also apply. Married couples can also register if one of the partners is in India and the other one oversees.

Even for foreigners, only special cases, will be allowed to enter the Indian borders. Healthcare professionals and medical researchers are also allowed. This will happen only if they have a letter of invitation from a recognised healthcare facility.

You can read about more restrictions here.

Read about the protocols in place for people who want to travel from India using these air bubbles.

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