Dot & Key vitamin C serum review

PRODUCT REVIEW: Dot & Key vitamin C serum concentrate

With the goodness of kakadu prune and acerola cherry, the ‘glow revealing’ vitamin C serum from Dot & Key aims at enhancing skin brightness. Read our review of the product below.

When it comes to skincare, we often pick products that don’t contain any chemicals. However, there are some chemicals that can do wonders for your skin and should definitely be a part of your skincare regime. Hyaluronic acid is one such chemical. If used correctly, it can have many skin benefits such as reduced dry skin and fine lines. It may also decrease hyperpigmentation.

And there is one skincare line that is giving the goodness of hyaluronic acid packed with many other amazing ingredients in their product. You guessed it right, we are talking about Dot & Key. Read our review of their vitamin C serum below.

Dot & Key glow revealing vitamin C serum concentrate review

Let’s start with the packaging, the serum comes in a pretty yellow box that gives you all the information you’ll need about the product. The serum bottle seems durable and comes with a dropper. The 30 ml packaging will cost you Rs 975, which is pretty affordable when compared to other face serums. However, there is one drawback, this product is available only in one size.

Kakdu prune and acerola cherry are two of its main ingredients. The product claims to ‘boost collagen production, accelerates repair and smoothens expression lines’. We would say that it does combat dullness, making the skin look bright instantly. As for the pigmentation removal and reduced signs of ageing, you cannot expect that to happen overnight. You’ll have to use the product regularly for a while for it to show the results.

Coming to the usage, as soon as you’ll open the bottle, you will know that it is packed with vitamin C because of its fragrance. This is a thick serum, so 4-5 drops would be enough at a time. You can just take the product on your palm and then put it on your face and massage it all over.

While the brand suggests that this serum should be used every night, btw this is a PM serum, we would suggest that you should start by putting it three times a week. And once your skin gets used to it, you can increase the usage. Apart from that, we would also suggest that before applying this on your face, you should do an allergy test. Because it is a chemical-laden product, it is always better to know if your skin has any negative reactions to it.

To sum it up, we would say that you should definitely give it a try. The quality and quantity of this serum are good and it is pretty affordable. It does show good results given that you use it for a while. We would definitely put in our must-try list.

Out rating: 4.7/5


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