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Prada to Carolina Herrera: Our most favourite perfumes of all time

Smelling good is really important. Find the perfumes that you like and invest in them. From sweet smelling ones to the musky ones, here is a list of our favourite perfumes.

You can dress up in your most gorgeous outfit, have the perfect makeup on, but if you smell bad, it is over. Your fragrance or your perfume can make or break your game. A good perfume really amps up your look.

That is not all, if you smell good, you feel confident and well, obviously you get more hugs when you smell great rather than when it is the other way round. Hugs… remember them? So today, we are going to talk to you about our most favourite perfumes of all time. Without any more delay, let’s just dive into it.

Carolina Herrera – Good Girl

The first thing that we really loved about this perfume was its out-of-the-box bottle. The dark-coloured translucent high heel will steal your heart in the first go. It is one of those Eau De Parfum Légère that has a sweet smell to it, which is very pleasant to the nose. The perfume is long-lasting. It will cost you Rs 7,150.

Prada – Candy

It is one of the best perfumes that we have come across in a long long time. The sweet flowery smell is combined with musk to tone it down a little, which makes for one of the best fragrances. There is a warmth in the smell and if sweet-smelling perfumes are your jam, you will fall in love with this one. One bottle might cost you somewhere around Rs 6,000.

Versace – Crystal

A 50 ml bottle for this Eau De Toilette will cost you around Rs 5,000. It has really floral notes and the base notes are again sandalwood, amber and musk. The base notes are the most long-lasting ones. Having this bottle in your collection is a must.

Davidoff – Coolwater

We are sure that all of you must be aware of the quite famous Davidoff Coolwater. It is one of the most liked perfumes for men, but today we are going to talk about the Eau De Toilette. This scent is fresh and is majorly inspired by the ocean but given a little tone of lavender too. For the large bottle, you will have to shell out Rs 5,075.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments section. You can also learn how to make solid perfumes at home.

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