Kolkata has banned flights from these states

Planning to go to Kolkata? You might have to reschedule

Kolkata has put a blanket ban on incoming flights from Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur. If you were planning to visit the state soon, you might have to reschedule.

If you were planning to go to Kolkata anytime soon, let us tell you, it might be a little difficult. People, especially, from some of the metropolitan cities including Delhi and Mumbai are facing difficulty while trying to reach Kolkata.

The ban on flights from Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Nagpur has been put in place. This ban initially started on July 3. However, this ban was supposed to be uplifted on July 17, but that did not happen. Instead, the flight ban was extended till August 31. The date was changed again and the authorities have finally said that on August 15, the ban on flights from these cities will be uplifted.

But there is no surety still.

It is not just Kolkata now. In a recent development, the government also banned flights at the Bagdogra airport. If you want to go to Kolkata or Bagdogra, you will have to board a flight from the neighbouring states.

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Lockdown in Kolkata

The state will also be under complete lockdown on seven days during August. Meaning, there will be absolutely no flights, no trains, no offices on these seven days. The lockdown dates are:

  • August 5 (Wednesday)
    August 8 (Saturday)
    August 16 (Sunday)
    August 17 (Monday)
    August 23 (Sunday)
    August 24 (Monday)
    August 31 (Monday)

These steps have been taken because the government wants to decrease the number of people coming in from the affected cities.

However, the blanket ban is only on incoming flights from these six cities. The flights flying passengers out of Kolkata are allowed but somehow those flights are also being cancelled. This is happening because sending empty flights in Kolkata is not viable for the airlines.

On the other hand, Coorg has started welcoming tourists.

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