Easy homemade lip balm

DIY organic lip balm just by using 5 ingredients

Are you so done with dry and chapped lips? Here, we bring to you an organic lip balm recipe that will kick away your problem.

It is only in our mid 20s that we realise how important taking care of our skin is. It is the time when fine lines make a debut on our face, leaving us paranoid, and we purchase every product in the store hoping that it will solve the problem. When in reality, we can give it back to these fine lines just by using kitchen ingredients. Same is the case when it comes to taking care of our lips.

We all know how irritating dry and chapped lips can be and if we don’t take care of them, they can also be painful. When it’s about beauty and taking care of ourself, it is always better to go au naturel.

So, in today’s edition of going all out for organic beauty, we bring to you a super easy DIY lip balm, which can be made just by using five ingredients.

Ingredients for organic lip balm

Organic coconut oil1 tbsp
Sweet almond oil1 tbsp
Beeswax1 tbsp
Rose essential oil4-5 drops
Vitamin E1 capsule

Coconut oil is really beneficial for the lips as it has moisturising properties. It is ideal for chapped lips. Sweet almond oil, too, has moisturising properties and is also rich in vitamins. However, make sure that you get ‘sweet’ almond oil and not the bitter one.

Beeswax helps in binding the whole mix together. People usually use petroleum jelly, but beeswax is its organic substitute. Meanwhile, apart from having anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, rose essential oil also decreases stress. Lastly, Vitamin E boosts circulation and may help in generation of new cells, making the lips soft.

Follow this method

By using kitchen pans, make a double boiler. Once it gets heated, put the flame on low and add coconut oil, almond oil and beeswax. Wait for the wax to melt.

Once that happens, take the mix off the flame and add rose essential oil and the content in the Vitamin E capsule.

If the mix starts to set, put it on the double boiler again to get the liquid consistency. Take a small container and pour the mix into it.

Wait for 10-15 minutes for the mix to solidify. This organic lip balm can be used up to a year. Apart from the lips, you can also use it on dry elbows and on weary feet.


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