NYX highlight and contour pro palette – PRODUCT REVIEW

Two in one – highlighter and contour in the same palette. This NYX highlight and contour pro palette is the solution to all your problems.

Who doesn’t love a good highlighter? Anybody who even partially loves makeup knows the importance of a good highlighter. Not just a highlighter but contouring, too, has become an essential part of makeup. To get that chiselled face with that perfect glow, you need the combination of a good highlighter and the right contour shade.

Spending on both products can be a little too much. But there is one product in the market that can solve all your problems. It is none other than the NYX highlight and contour pro palette. We have been using this product for quite some time and we are here to share our review.

Review of the NYX highlight and contour pro palette

NYX highlight and contour pro palette is one of the best pocket-friendly palettes out there. It has 8 different pods of compressed powders. The formula of the powders is very extremely rich and feels like satin on the skin. It has a very smooth texture, making the application easy.

There are two highlighters in the palette which is, frankly speaking, all you need. It’s buttery texture will make you fall in love with it. There are two other lighter colours which are matte and can be used for brightening.

These powders can be applied in the under-eye region and over the lids to accentuate the other colours you are applying on your lids.

That is not all, the palette has four different contour colours ranging from cool to warm. Meaning, it is one product that works for all skin tones because of the variety of shades available.

Another great feature is that the pods are refillable, that is if you run out of one particular colour, you can just buy that one colour instead of purchasing the whole palette again

It costs Rs 2000, which according to us, is a great deal because you get so much in just one product.

Our rating – 4/5

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