New rules make international travel easier

New flying rules make it easier for Indians to travel abroad. Read on

Some new rules and regulations have been applied regarding foreign travel. This will make it easier for Indians to fly abroad.

Since the novel coronavirus outbreak, the rules related to flying are being changed every minute. From a blanket ban on flying to making air bubbles with other nations and bringing stranded Indians back home, things have been changing quite quickly.

Now, there is another set of rules that are applicable for people who are flying out of the country. People who are flying in the country via these air bubbles also have to follow new rules.

If you are flying out of the country

Earlier, you were only allowed to leave India if you were a resident of that country or had long visa approval and needed to go back for some important work. You could also fly if there were some important business decisions to be taken.

However, that is not the case anymore. People who have any kind of visa for either Germany, France and the US can now fly to these locations.

You will also have to make sure about the requirements and the protocols that are being followed at your destination and plan accordingly.

If you are trying to come back to India

If you are trying to come back to India using these air bubbles, the rules have become a little less stringent. Only certain categories of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) were allowed to travel via these air bubbles. But that is not the case anymore. All the OCI’s can now enter India without any problem. The Ministry of Civil Aviation announced the same in a recent tweet.

That is not all. Citizens of the countries that are a part of the air bubbles with India can now apply for Indian visa. They can come here for business, medical and employment purposes.

You can read more about the air bubbles here.

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