Morocco to reopen soon

After one of world’s strictest lockdowns, Morocco to reopen borders

After places like Bali, Thailand and Turkey, Morocco is all set to open its borders again on July 14.

Because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, many countries around the world had enforced lockdowns, shutting down local and international travel. However, over the past couple of days, we have witnessed relaxation in the lockdown restrictions as many countries have opened their borders again. A few will also be starting welcoming back tourists in the near future.

Morocco, which saw one of the world’s strictest lockdowns, is all set to open its borders on July 14, 2020. Because of the strict lockdown, many tourists got trapped in the country. Many Moroccans were stranded abroad.

Morocco to reopen borders
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Morocco borders to open again

However, from July 14, only Moroccan citizens and expatriates living in Morocco will be allowed to travel. The government had shared the same in a statement. This is their first stage of reopening borders. The lockdown in Morocco began on March 15.

To make this process a success, the national airlines will be scheduling flights for the travellers. However, the passengers will require to present a PCR virus test, which is not older than 48 hours along with an antibody test.

Morocco to reopen borders
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Apart from the airlines, ferries from the French port Sete and Italian port Genoa will be resuming service. Other ports will not be functional as of now.

While the mosques in Morocco will also open next week, the country has not shared its plans of welcoming the tourists again.

Talking about India, places like Goa, Darjeeling and Himachal Pradesh have also opened their borders to domestic tourists.

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