Let’s make some Mojitos. Shall we?

Today, we are going to share the recipe for this simple and refreshing drink that can be made in various ways. You can make it spiked if you like or can relish a virgin mojito.

It is 5’o clock somewhere. Right? The humid weather calls for a cool and refreshing drink. While we were thinking what cocktail to make, only one thing kept coming in our mind, Mojito – Mohito, however, you might want to pronounce it.

Even though there might be confusion about the pronunciation, there is absolutely no confusion about the ingredients and the refreshing properties of this drink. Is there ever a bad time to have a drink, we say not. We needed something spiked to get rid of our mid-week blue, so, we made some mojito.

Let us tell you how we made this refreshing drink.

Mojito recipe


Mint leavesHandful
Sugar (granulated)2 tsps
Lemon 1
Water2 tbsp
Rum (white)1 ounce


In a glass, take a good quantity of fresh mint leaves. Add two tablespoons of granulated sugar in the glass and stir it nicely. Make sure that all the leaves are coated with sugar. For the next step, add the juice of one lemon and start stirring again.

After two minutes, add two tablespoons of water and stir till the sugar dissolves. Once the sugar is mixed and you cannot see the particles anymore, fill the glass with ice. Now if you want to have a non-alcoholic mojito, you can add water, carbonated water or soda here.

Or just like us, you can add one ounce of white rum and a little bit of water or soda in the glass. Mix well and enjoy your refreshing drink. This mojito teams best with our simple spaghetti recipe. Try it and tell us what you feel about it.

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