Lauki ki kulfi easy recipe

Lauki ki kulfi! Making dessert using bottle gourd – RECIPE VIDEO

Have you ever thought of making a dessert using a vegetable? Here, we share with you our easy recipe for a delicious kulfi, which we have made using bottle gourd. Yes! It’s lauki ki kulfi.

The thing with experimenting is that you can try the craziest combinations and make a delicious dish. When you are in the kitchen, how often do you think of trying something new? For us, it’s a daily adventure. So recently, when we thought of making a dessert, we included one of the most healthy vegetables in it. 

We made a kulfi by using lauki or bottle gourd. Now, if you have a kid at home, you would know how difficult it is to feed them vegetables like this one. But, we have found a delicious way to give them all the nutrients. This way, the kids will get a tasty treat and would not know that they are eating bottle gourd. 

Not just this, you can also serve this yummy desert to your guests if you are hosting a small get together. Our recipe can easily serve 10 to 15 people. 

Here are the ingredients you would need for lauki ki kulfi 

Full cream milk3.5 litre 
Bottle gourd 1 kg 
Hari elachi (green cardamom)5 pcs
Kesar (saffron)A pinch
Sugar1 3/4 cups 
Chopped almonds10-15 pcs
Chopped cashews10-15 pcs
Chopped postachios10-15 pcs

Follow this method to make lauki ki kulfi at home 

Start with peeling and chopping the bottle gourd. Cut it into small pieces. Put the pieces into a mixer-grinder and grind them with milk to make a paste. You can use one litre milk to grind one kilo bottle gourd. 

Now, pour the remaining milk in a pressure cooker and add the bottle gourd mix in it. Following this, add hari elaichi and kesar in the cooker and close the lid. Make sure that you turn off the gas before the whistle. 

Once the steam is out, let the mix cook on low flame for 1-2 hours. After the mix reduces, add sugar and chopped dry fruits. Transfer the mix in small bowls and let it cool. 

After the mix cools down, transfer it into containers (for storage) and decorate it with chopped dry fruits. Put the containers in the freezer for 2-3 hours. Once the kulfi freezes, cut it into small pieces and enjoy it with your loved ones. You can also use a kulfi container and make stick kulfi just like us.


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