travel tips for germaphobes

Keep germs at bay! Travel tips for germaphobes

The fear of germs is real and for those who experience it, travelling may not be an easy task. Here, we share with you five travel tips for germaphobes.

Germaphobes are the people who have a fear of germs and an obsession with cleanliness. While many may not understand this condition and may tag it as an ‘unnecessary tantrum’, we know how difficult it can be for germaphobes to travel.

Their fear of contracting germs can stop them from enjoying their vacation. But you don’t have to worry anymore. Here, we share with you five travel tips that will help you keep germs at the bay.

Always keep sanitiser handy

Because of the pandemic, we all have started carrying a sanitiser in our bags. But if you are obsessed with cleanliness, a single sanitiser will not suffice. You need to have one in all the bags you carry and a big one.

Travel tips for germaphobes
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Carry your own towels

The towels that you get at the hotels are clean but the fact that they must have been used by someone else is enough to give sleepless nights to a germaphobe. An easy way to tackle this is, always carry your own towels. You can even buy disposable ones just for the trip.

Gloves are a must

Just think of how much you use your hands. From greeting people to picking out stuff, your hands come in contact with germs all day, everyday. Which is why you should always carry gloves.

Always mask it

Wearing a mask has become a necessity now, but a germaphobe should always keep their face masked even at the places where it is not required. This will give you a sense of security.

Travel tips for germaphobes
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Disinfectant wipes are your BFF

For a germaphobe, everything needs to be Monica Geller-level clean. And the only way to do is cleaning it on their own. For this, you can always carry disinfectant wipes.


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