Fly to UAE to watch IPL

Indian cricket lovers might be able to attend IPL in UAE. Here’s how

If you do not want to miss the Indian Premier League (IPL) matches being held in UAE this year, here is how you can attend them.

If there is one thing that we all would agree to is that cricket is treated as a religion in India. So, the fans of the game already know that the delayed Indian Premier League (IPL), that we all have been waiting for so long, is happening in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

But why are we talking about this? Well, there is some good news for the people who want to go watch the matches. There is a possibility that you might be able to go watch the match in the UAE.

Without wasting any more precious time, let us tell you how you can attend IPL

On Monday, the government of India allowed all Indian citizens who have a UAE visa to travel there.

The matches will take place all across the Emirates, including tourist favourite places Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The matches will be held from September 19 to November 10. However, there is one problem. The social distancing norms for the matches have not yet been finalised by the UAE government. Whether people will be allowed inside the stadiums or not or even if a small percentage of the stadiums will be filled, nothing is clear as of yet.

When it comes to travelling to the Emirates, things have gotten a little easier. India and the UAE formed a corridor amongst themselves. With this, any airlines from both the countries can fly an Indian citizen there. This is applicable only if the Indian national has a valid UAE visa.

That was not the case initially, but this comes as great news for cricket lovers.

Of course, similar to other places, the Indian travellers will also have to present a negative PCR test at the UAE airport. These tests cannot be conducted more than 96 hours prior to the departure.

Isn’t this great news?


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