Travel tips for foodies

Important travel tips all foodies should keep in mind

If you feel that there is no truer love than the love for food, then you should make a note of these travel tips. All foodies, bookmark this post.

Waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread, spending the day binging on Instagramable dishes and ending the day with delectable desserts, this is how you can describe a foodie’s day. For those who love food, they can’t think of anything else but where to eat next and which new dish to try.

Even when they are vacationing, food holds the top priority. If you can relate to everything written above, then make sure that you make a note of everything written below.

We share with you five very important tips that all foodies should bookmark.


Always check the food review before making hotel bookings

If food is your utmost priority, then you should always check the quality of food you’ll be getting at the hotel. To do this, you can read up as many reviews as you can and also ask for recommendations from people who have already been there.

Never forget your food bag

There may be chances that the food at the hotel may not impress you. Instead of spoiling your mood and your vacation, you can carry a food bag with you. You can pack things like ready-to-make dishes and everyone’s all-time favourite Maggie.

Pocket snacks for the go

For those small hunger pangs that can make you grumpy, we advise that you carry small pocket snacks. These will prove helpful when you’ll be doing the touristy stuff and the foodie inside you will crave for something delish.


Separate food budget

While on the go, we know that you would like to eat something interesting at every meal. This is why, we would suggest that while planning for your vacay, you should set a food budget separate from the travel budget.

Never miss a chance to try new dishes

For foodies, there is nothing more exciting than trying new cuisines. So, while travelling, you should never miss a chance to try something new. You can also click photos of the yummy dishes to drool over them later.


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  1. I would even suggest not eating at the hotel at all. Maybe it’s because of the hotels I’ve visited, but most of them fall short when comparing them to eating food in restaurants frequented by locals… especially those horrible breakfast buffets at large hotel chains. Great list!

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