Taking care of sensitive skin while travelling

How to take care of sensitive skin while travelling

If taking care of your sensitive skin while travelling is a big task for you, then we have a few tips and tricks that will solve your problem.

After months of planning and saving money, you get to go on a trip. But as soon as you reach your destination, your skin starts acting up. And, a rash or an acne burst spoils your dream of clicking the perfect photos. This happens because your sensitive skin is unable to adjust with the change of weather. The long travel hours, too, makes your skin tired.

But there are simple tips and tricks that you can follow to take care of your sensitive skin while travelling. Read about them below.

Keep you face clean during train/plane journey

One of the main reasons why your skin acts up is because your pores get clogged and your skin is unable to breathe. The dirt that sticks to face because of the oil may also cause such reaction. An easy way to avoid this is to keep cleaning your skin regularly while travelling in a train or plane. You can also carry also a sheet mask to get a quick hydration boost during your journey.

Take your skincare kit with you

If you have sensitive skin, then you would know how difficult it is to build a skincare kit. Which is why, it is important that you carry the same skincare products while on a trip. Think of it this way, your skin is hardly managing the change in the weather, so, it is important that you don’t experiment with new products.


Say no to hotel toiletries

The little toiletries that you get with the hotel room are adorable but they are your skin’s biggest enemies. No matter how cute the packaging is, you should never try any such product without knowing what’s in them. You never know how your skin may react to the product and if the reaction is bad, it can spoil the whole trip.

Damage control

We all have our misses. Sometimes it’s the wrong product and sometimes it’s something we eat. If you are travelling and your skin acts up, you can go for a quick fix by keeping a doctor-recommended antiallergic pill with you. The medicine will reduce the effect of a rash and may even reduce the puffiness if it’s an acne burst.

Minimal makeup

With your skin adjusting to the new environment, it is important that you give it a proper chance to breathe. Covering your face with heavy makeup can be a big mistake. If you want, you can go for a simple eye makeup and a bit of colour on your lips. But you should definitely avoid putting on foundation. You may feel that putting on foundation may cover your blemishes, but instead, it can make them worse.


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