Air-fried chicken momos at home

Homemade air-fried chicken momos – easy recipe

If you have been missing your momos wale bhaiya more than your family, then it is time to make fried chicken momos at home with our easy recipe. But they are not actually fried.

Well, you guys really loved the steamed vegetarian momos recipe. So, we figured, you are also missing the street food as much as we are. But this is not really the time, that we can go out and eat from street vendors. 

The safest and healthiest option is to cook at home, where you know who is cooking and what all is actually going in your dish. So, coming back to the momos, now we thought, we should share the recipe for air fried chicken momos as well.

We prepared these for the first time, they did not look that good but surely tasted divine.

Air-Fried chicken momos


All-purpose flour2 cups
Ginger-garlic paste1 tsp
Green chillies (chopped)2
Boneless chicken250 gm
Spring onion (Finely chopped)4
Soya sauce1 tsp
SaltAccording to taste
Black pepperAccording to taste
Olive oil As per requirement


Let’s start with making the dough. For that, in all-purpose flour, mix one tsp of salt and one tbsp of oil. Mix all the ingredients nicely.

When mixed, start adding water slowly and make a dough. The consistency of the dough should not be too soft or too hard. Once you get to that consistency, keep the dough aside and let it rest for 20 – 30 minutes.

Not let’s come to the filling.

For this put the boneless chicken in the grinder and give it a nice whirl. Once the chicken is smooth, add one tsp of olive oil, one tsp salt and pepper, half a teaspoon of roasted ginger garlic paste and mix.

Once that is done, add the chopped chillies, spring onion and soya sauce to it. You filling is prepared. Unlike the vegetarian momos, we are not going to cook the chicken filling. Instead, the chicken gets cooked while it is being air fried or steamed.

Now, come back to dough and knead it again for a minute. Take small balls of the dough and with the help of a rolling pin make a very thin round circles.

Put the filling on the circle. Slightly wet the sides of the circle with your fingers. Take the outer part of the circle and start joining the two ends in a criss-cross manner as shown in the video. Finally, put them in the air fryer and after 10 minutes, your momos will be ready.

You can deep fry them as well, but we were inclined towards a little healthier version, so we opted for the air fryer.

If you want to eat steamed momos, you can put these in steamer for 10 minutes.

You can also read our recipe for steamed vegetarian momos and schezwan sauce.

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