Barbados has somethig special for travellers

Holiday and work together! Barbados allows travellers 12-month visas

Barbados government has started welcoming tourists. They have also introduced a new phenomenon. According to this, you can now apply for a 12-month work visa and stay in the Caribbean.

Today let’s talk about the picturesque Caribbean Island, Barbados. Famous for its right-out-of-a-dream beaches and sunsets, Barbados started welcoming tourists from July 12. But that is not the only great news.

To woo tourists back to the Caribbean, the Barbados government has started a new thing called the ‘Barbados Welcome Stamp’. If you are wondering what it is, let us tell you.

Barbados welcome stamp

The Prime Minister of Barbados, Mia Amor Mottley introduced this new phenomenon. According to this, people can take a 12-month work visa and stay here and work out of the marvel of nature. Suddenly, Work From Home just became exciting for us.

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Imagine sitting at the beach listening to the sound of the water and doing a little bit of work. We wouldn’t mind that. This is one way of tackling the tourism revenue problem that generated after a lockdown was initiated to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus.

However, the government is also taking measures and there are some rules and protocols in place to ensure there are no new positive COVID-19 cases.

PROTOCOLS followed

All travellers coming from high-risk countries will have to show a negative PCR test, which should not be older than 72 hours.

Travellers coming from low-risk countries can have the test dating back to a week from the entry date in Barbados.

Travellers without the test will be tested upon their arrival. They will also be in quarantine for 48 hours until the results come. If the test results are positive, those travellers will be isolated. The Ministry of Health and Wellness of Barbados will take care of them.

Last week only, the Prime Minister of the island announced that they do not have any more active cases.

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