Healthy pancakes

Healthy banana and oats pancakes – RECIPE

Feel like having pancakes but don’t want to eat unhealthy? It is time to cook banana and oats pancakes.

We know being at home is making it tough to eat healthy and exercise. However, you need to eat clean and stay fit during this time especially. But what do you do when you want to eat pancakes? Do you give in and make that tasty breakfast meal and feel guilty?

We say no, instead, we make a healthier version of it. Banana and oatmeal pancakes! Yup, you can make healthy pancakes using these two as the main ingredients. This version is even good for people who are vegan.

Let us tell you how can make these pancakes that will change your life.

Pancakes recipe


Oats1 cup
Banana2 pcs
Brown sugar2 tbsp
WaterHalf cup


Firstly, put the oats in a blender and make a powder out of them. Next, smush the bananas using a spoon. Put the oats in the bananas and mix them nicely.

In this mixture, add brown sugar and water. Take care of the consistency. The pancake batter should not be too thick or too thin. If it is too thick, the pancake would not cook properly and if it is too thin, the pancakes would not hold the shape.

Bananas act as the binding factor in this recipe. We add so little sugar in this dish because of the natural sweetness from the bananas.

Once you have your batter ready, place a non-stick pan on low flame and put some butter on it. Pour some of the batter and once, one side is cooked, flip it and let the other side cook for two minutes.

After plating your meal, add a little butter on top and some honey. Enjoy the most delicious and healthy pancakes!

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