It is time to fly in private planes

Have to travel but scared? It’s time to fly in private planes

Indian aviation companies have started catering to the need of the hour and are giving out the option of booking private planes to people. Read on to find out which companies you can fly with.

Can you imagine being socially-distanced when you are flying? The close-by seats and the congested leg space, there is no scope for social distancing. That is why flying during this time while wearing PPE suits, face masks and face shields is being avoided by a lot of people. Only the ones who have to travel for business or have urgent requirement are flying at this time.

However, there is now an option of flying and maintaining social distance at the same time. Yes, you are thinking right, Priuvate/Charter planes. A lot of airlines, at this time, are running streamlined private jet services. From planes for a small family to a group of associates flying, these airlines are catering to all the needs while maintaining the hygiene and taking utmost care of the flyers.

Let us see which all airlines are letting people fly in private jets at the moment.


Spice Jet has planes for a group as small as six people. When you go to the website, you have to fill a form giving details about all your needs and in accordance with that, Spice Jet reverts to you with the money details and the availability. This seems like a great way to travel safely to your destination.

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Indigo also has two options for you if you want to fly private with them – passenger charter and cargo charter. Similar to the process of Spice Jet, to book a private plane with Indigo, you will have to go to their website and fill a form according to your requirements and they will revert back within 24 hours with all the details.


Vistara has some lavish charter planes for you. On Vistara’s website, you can select if you need the flight for one way, for a round trip or even a multi-city trip. You also have the option of picking between business and personal travel.

So, now that domestic travel within India is open and places like Goa and Darjeeling are welcoming guests, are you planning to fly off to someplace? Tell us in the comment section below.

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