Let's go to Paris

France is all set to welcome tourists again. Eiffel Tower, here we come!

France has opened its gates to passengers from 16 more countries. These also include tourists from India and the USA.

Guess what? Paris is all set to welcome tourists, Indians as well. Now, for your next vacation to Paris to actually become a reality, the only thing that you need is an international flight from India. It seems like, there might still be some time to it.

France recently announced that it will be welcoming guests from 16 nations. These include some of the nations that have been badly affected by the novel coronavirus. India and the USA are also on this 16-nation list.

Let us tell you a little more about the conditions in France

To get its tourism economy back on track, Paris has opened its gates to visitors from 16 nations. These are India, UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Peru, USA, Panama, Algeria, Kuwait, Madagascar, Turkey, Brazil, Israel, South Africa and Serbia.

However, there are obviously some conditions for this welcome.

All the travellers coming from these countries need to present a negative PCR test that cannot be more than 72 hours. They should all also be wearing a face mask on arrival.

The travellers will also have to sign a declaration that says that these people do not have any symptoms and have not been in contact with any person who was coronavirus positive.

The rules are a little more stringent for people travelling from the US, UAE, Panama and Bahrain. According to the French authorities, travellers from these nations will have to present their negative PCR test to the airlines before boarding the plane. If they fail to do so, these passengers will not be allowed to take the flight.

Travellers from the remaining countries will be allowed to take the PCR test at the airports in Paris if they do not have the test with them and will be in isolation till the results come.


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