Father's Day 2020 surprise for your dad

Father’s Day 2020: Treat your dad to a day of home-cation; we tell you how

If your dad loves travelling, then we have figured out the perfect way for you to surprise him this Father’s Day. 

From medical professionals to police officials, everyone has been giving their best in the fight against COVID-19. We, too, have been practising social distancing by staying at home. And we are sure, you must be doing the same. But there are a lot of things that we have been missing during this time. Travelling is one of them. 

We have been spending our days scrolling though our phone gallery up and down, taking virtual trips around the world. Even your parents must be missing going on vacations. So, this Father’s Day, we thought about a very interesting way for you to give a special surprise to your traveller dad. 

Father'a Day 2020 surprise
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Treat your daddy dearest to a home-cation. We are sure that after reading this, you must be thinking, “How can we go one a vacation to a place we live?” Here, we tell you a simple way to plan a day long vacation for your dad. 

Plan a surprise for your dad this Father’s Day

Father’s Day will be celebrated on Sunday, June 21. So, on Saturday night, ask your father to pack for a day-long trip but don’t tell him where you’ll be heading. 

On Sunday morning, wear your safety gears and take him on a ride around the block to reach your hotel (your home sweet home). The best part about any hotel stay is their lavish breakfast spread. So, kick-start the celebration by treating your dad to his favourite dishes. Make them yourself and he will be super happy. 

You can then plan and do an activity that your dad likes. This will give you an amazing chance to bond with him. If he likes cooking, you can become his sous chef and prepare lunch together.  

Father'a Day 2020 surprise
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Spend the evening by watching a movie. Quiz your father a bit and ask him which one he would want to see, after all this day is all about him.

End the day with a lovely meal 

For dinner, if you have a restaurant delivering at your house, you can order a few dishes or better, make a meal yourself. It might get tiring if you cook the food yourself, but that smile on your dad’s face will make it worthwhile. 

Once you are done with the dinner, ask your dad to leave a little feedback note for the ‘hotel’, sharing his experience. We are sure, he will write the best words for you. And every time you see the note, you will find yourself smiling. Finish the trip by coming back to your home just the way you left in the morning. 

Isn’t it the most unique and interesting way to spend Father’s Day? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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