Product review Farsáli Haldi Eyes

Farsáli Haldi Eyes: Goodness of turmeric packed together – product review

Today, we are all set to review one of the most popular under eye creams in the market – Haldi Eyes by Farsáli.

One kitchen ingredient that has many medical benefits and has been used by the beauty industry for ages is turmeric or haldi. There is a reason why your mom always give you haldi wala doodh when you get injured. Not just this, doesn’t your nani always recommend a haldi ubtan to remove tan and make your skin supple?

And, one very popular international brand has packed the goodness of turmeric in their under eye cream, recently launched in India. You are right, we are talking about Farsáli.

The first product that we got from their amazing skincare range is Haldi eyes.

Read our review of Farsáli’s Haldi Eyes

Let’s start with the price. This product is expensive, no doubt. You will have to shell out Rs 3,500 for this eye cream. Yes, it is a bit too much and you can get many similar products that cost way less. But trust us, there is nothing like this.

Talking about the packaging, it comes in a cute container that has a gold lid and a clear bottom. The quantity is good and you will need a very small amount of product for one usage.

The cream has a subtle smell. You can either apply it in your usual skincare routine or can put it before applying the concealer to mask dark circles.

The product starts to show its effects after a few weeks, so, you need to be patient. Thinking that your dark circles will vanish overnight is a bit unfair to the product.

Coming to application, you need to massage the cream a few times in order for it to get absorbed. And even when you are done, it takes some time to get into the skin.

In the end, we would say that it is a very optional product. If you are ready to splurge that much on an eye cream, then you should definitely go for it. Otherwise, it’s not really a must-have for us.



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