Easy besan barfi recipe

BESAN KI BARFI RECIPE: Easy dessert to take your taste buds on a ride

Try this easy-to-make besan ki barfi recipe at home and become the best dessert chef in your family. 

Food and especially desserts are a mood booster. But when you put your heart and sweat in making the dessert, it is much more delicious. This simple besan ki barfi recipe will take your taste buds on a ride and will make you the most famous chef in your family.

Ingredients for homemade besan ki barfi:

200 gms of clarified butter or ghee
325 gms of besan 
1.5 tsp of cardamom powder
360 grams of granulated white sugar 
140 ml of water 
Spoonful of chopped pistachios for garnishing

Follow this method to make the barfi

Start with placing a parchment paper on a dish and keep it aside.

In a pan, add ghee and heat it on medium flame. After this, sift the besan and add it into the pan, and stir. 

At first, the besan will clump, but continue stirring. After 10-15 minutes of stirring, the beans will loosen up and become smooth. Once you get the consistency of a smooth paste, add cardamom and let it cook for another five minutes.

Easy to make besan barfi

Remove the besan from the flame and let it cool. During this time, you can prepare the sugar syrup.

In another pan, add sugar and water, and let them mix on a medium flame. Once the sugar is fully dissolved, lower the flame and let it simmer for another 5-6 minutes until it comes to a one-string consistency.

To check the one-string consistency, put a drop of the syrup between two fingers and pull them apart, if you see a thread, you have the perfect consistency. Remove the syrup from the flame.

If your besan has come down to the room temperature, add the sugar syrup and mix the two. Stir until the sugar syrup combines with the besan, do not stir for a long time.

Transfer the final mixture to the dish lined with parchment paper and let the burfi set for an hour. Cut into pieces and enjoy your homemade besan ki burfi.

With this recipe, you can leave your local mithai-wale bhaiya behind.


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