Must-have hoop earrings for all girls

Different types of hoop earrings that should be in your jewellery box

Owning a pair of hoop earrings is a must for every girl. Here, we share with you six types of hoops that will help you glam up any look to the T.

For a lot of us, getting ready is like a therapy. It is way more than just picking out fancy clothes from our closet and putting them on. It’s about building a look. To be able to guess what type of accessory or jewellery will go with which outfit is a skill not many possess. If styling and accessorising is your new found love and you want to become a pro at it, then we bring to you an evergreen piece of jewellery that can glam up any look in a second. 

Now, this one is really special. From the divas in the ‘90s to the millennials, this piece of jewellery, which comes in variant styles and sizes, is loved by one and all. 

With the hints we have given, you would have guessed that we are talking about everyone’s favourite HOOP EARRINGS. 

Now, there is a huge variety available in the market when it comes to hoop earrings. From minimal ‘barely there’ hoops to oversized dramatic ones, there is just no limit. 

For you to take some style cues for your next outing, we have listed six types of hoop earrings we love to pair our outfits with. 

Classic hoop earrings

These are the usual hoops that you can easily get it the market. However, you get a few variants in terms of the hook to lock the earring.

must-have hoop earrings

Oversized hoops

If making a statement all day, every day is your thing, then you should get yourself a pair of oversized hoops.

must-have hoop earrings

Medium-sized hoops

For your regular outings, you can style your outfits with medium-sized hoop earrings. They are easy to carry and work well with almost every outfit.

must-have hoop earrings
must-have hoop earrings

Mini hoop earrings

If you are someone who doesn’t like accessorising too much, then mini hoops should definitely be in your collection.

must-have hoop earrings

Dangle drop hoops

Wearing hoops for a long time can be tiring, but not when you wear a pair of dangle drop hoops.

must-have hoop earrings

Statement hoops

Have a party to attend? Consider these your best friend. You can easily amp up any outfit by styling it with a pair of statement hoops.

must-have hoop earrings

Which type of hoops earrings are missing from your collection? Let us know in the comment section below.


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