Easy biscuit topping recipe

Easy snack! Biscuit topping recipe that makes for a perfect treat

We all love snacking, but eating fried chips all the time is not a healthy option. Here, we have an easy biscuit topping recipe that will be your new favourite. 

As soon as the clock strikes 5, our tummy start growling as it knows it’s snack o’clock. We usually depend on our mothers to cook something delicious for us or just open a pack of chips and binge on it. But doing the latter is not a very good practice. 

Once we realise that, we move to feasting on biscuits. But let’s be honest, biscuits are boring. Aren’t they? Well, not anymore. 

Here, we have a super easy biscuit topping recipe that will change the way you look at your cracker biscuits. 

Know the ingredients here: 

Cucumber – diced1/2 cup
Capsicum – diced1/2 cup
Mayonnaise 1 tbsp
Schezwan sauce As per requirement
Tomato ketchup 1 tsp
Salty biscuit (Monaco)1 pkt


Now, we tell you how to make the topping. In a bowl, add cucumber and capsicum followed by mayonnaise. Then add schezwan sauce depending on how spicy you want the topping to be. Round it off by adding a little bit of tomato ketchup. 

If required, you can add a pinch of salt and pepper as well. We haven’t put any in our dish. Mix all the ingredients properly to make the topping. Once done, place the biscuits on a serving plate and put the topping in the middle.

If you are someone who loves tomato ketchup, you can add a drop of it over the topping. And, just like that, your evening snack is ready! 

While it tastes delicious on salty biscuits, you can also put the mix as a filling in your sandwich or use this as a filling for pita pockets.

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