Coronavirus food trends

COVID Sandesh to masknaan: Food trends that coronavirus started

A lot of restaurants around the world are making dishes inspired by the novel coronavirus. Would you try any of these?

The novel coronavirus outbreak changed the world and our lives. But that is not all that it changed, it also altered menus at some of the restaurants. Well, let us tell you what we are talking about.

To keep up with the trend of the novel coronavirus and lure customers, a lot of restaurants started making food that was inspired by Covid-19.

Coronavirus Burgers in Hanoi

A chef in Hanoi, Vietnam started making burger buns that looked like the virua. His motto behind making the burgers was: You’ve got to eat it, to beat it. According to multiple reports his thinking was that if you eat a burger in the shape of the virus, you are already victorious. No, we are not making this up.

Coronavirus Sandesh in Kolkata

Well after the burger, it was time for something sweet. A sweet shop in Kolkata started selling Sandesh made in the shape of the virus. If you look carefully at the image you will see many small pieces of dessert as well which have a similar shape.

The images of the dessert were tweeted with the caption, “As the world grapples with #COVID, look what makes a debut at a sweet shop in #Kolkata: the #Corona Sandesh!”

Masknaan and COVID Curry in Jodhpur

The latest trend that we came across has left us speechless. Burgers and Sandesh we still understand but naan shaped like a mask, takes tings to a whole new level. Not just that, the masknaan is being accompanied with malai kofta that look like coronavirus.

Vedic Restaurant in Jodhpur recently shared images of the food items on Twitter and captioned them, “Overcome the fear of corona with world’s first ever invented in corona Pandemic… #covidcurry served with #masknaan. We are super proud of being world’s first inventor of these unique concept… the motto behind this dish is to bring awareness about #corona.”

Would you try any of these food items?


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