Looks for small weddings

Celeb-inspired traditional outfits for a 50-guest wedding

The guest list has drastically decreased but weddings are still taking place. So, if you are planning to attend one, we have got some outfit inspiration for you.

While many thought 2020 will be the best year, it turned out to be just the opposite. Now, we are just waiting for it to end. Because of the pandemic, many things have come to a stand still, but somethings are still happening, on a relatively smaller scale. Weddings fall under the second category.

In India, weddings are a huge deal. It’s not just two people deciding to spend their lives together. It is a long celebration involving the entire family and friends.

When our loved ones plan to get married, we start preparing for the big day much ahead. But because of the pandemic, the guest list has trimmed. Now, you can not wear the clothes you would have worn generally. It is now time to opt for light clothes and matching masks. Who would have thought that one day, face masks will become a must-have accessory?

Talking about fashion, we always look up to Bollywood celebrities for style inspiration. So, to make a statement at the next 50-guest wedding that you attend, you should take a page or two out of these divas’ lookbooks.

Here, we share with you our favourite looks for small weddings:

Which out of these looks are you going to try? Let us know in the comment section below.


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