Vacation tips: Home into hotel

Can’t go out for a vacation? Turn your home into a hotel; here’s how

Going on a vacation seems like a distant dream, doesn’t it? Not anymore. You can now have the fun of a hotel stay at your home. Read on to know how.

We are in a tough situation and things seem to be getting worse by the day. The constant rise in the number of novel coronavirus cases is only making us concerned and has restricted our movement further. Even though the government has relaxed the lockdown restrictions, we are stepping out only if there is an urgent requirement. At a time like this, going on a vacation seems to be a distant dream. 

But as I sit on my comfy couch, writing this article, I couldn’t help but wonder if there is a way we can take a mini vacation in our home. 

Are you wondering the same? Think how exciting it will be to glam up for a vacay again. Getting excited, aren’t you? Just by following the five pointers given below, you will be able to enjoy your home like a hotel. Read on! 

Pack a bag 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Even before our actual vacation starts, we get in the vacay mode when we pack our bags for the trip. From picking out stunning outfits to finding matching accessories, we put in a lot of thought while packing for our trip. This is exactly what you need to do now. Pack your bag for 2-3 days, depending on how long you want your trip to be. 

Dress up during your stay 

For all the fashionistas, one of the most exciting things, when on a vacay, is dressing up. But at home, we have just been sitting in our jammies. Make it a point that when you turn your home into a hotel, you dress up every day from head to toe and fill your phone’s gallery with amazing photos. 

Decorate your room like a hotel 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Fresh bed sheet, fluffy pillows and potpourri on the side table, a good hotel room acts as a mood buster. So, one of the most important things in this little plan is to decorate your room like a hotel. Clean it nicely, put on fresh bed sheet and spritz air freshener all over. Your room should give you happy vibes. 

Food level – MasterChef 

Ah! The buffet. How we miss eating a variety of delicious food and let’s not even start about those decadent desserts. You can enjoy the same deliciousness at your home just by putting in some effort. Scroll through the EAT section of our website and you will find many simple recipes for several yummy dishes. 

Plan activities 

Vacation tips: Home into hotel
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Before you start your home-cation, take some time out to make a list of the activities you wish to do during this time period. You can include fun board games, make a painting or just binge watch Netflix. Do what makes you happy. 

For the coming future, if you plan a vacation with your family, these tips will prove helpful.

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