Cambodia wants you to spend more money

Cambodia Government wants to add funeral charges in your next trip

Your next trip to Cambodia may cost you a lot of money. This is because the government of the country wants to add your funeral charges to the package, just in case.

We have established the beauty of Cambodia. The gorgeous temples of Phnom Penh and the famous ruins which have now become a part of the nature that takes you back in the past. In the pre-COVID-19 era, a trip to Cambodia never really burnt a hole in one’s pocket.

Travel to Cambodia

You could have a simple trip, visit the marvel of nature and have amazing meals and be content. However, your next trip to Cambodia might become a little more expensive. How, you say? The Cambodian government is asking you to add an extra amount to the trip to cover your funeral. Just in case.

Government says

The State Secretariat of the Ministry of Civil Aviation (SSCA) of the Kingdom of Cambodia recently tweeted that the country will be charging an extra of Rs 2,28,756 (USD 3000). This amount of money will be charged to cover any and all novel coronavirus related medical expenses that might be needed during the trip.

The SSCA released a tweet stating all the new norms in detail. The tweet also stated that anyone arriving at the Cambodia airport will have to present the proof of health insurance of at least a minimum of Rs 38,12,612 (USD 50,000). The next step is to deposit Rs 2.2 lakh with a local bank of Cambodia to cover the potential COVID-19 related medical expenses.

The tweet further explained that there are three ways this can go down.

If Nobody tesTS pOsitive for covid-19

The moment you land in Cambodia, you will be taken to a testing facility at the cost of Rs 380 (USD 5). Getting tested for the novel coronavirus will cost you another Rs 7,625 (USD 100). As the next step, you will be quarantined for an entire day at a hotel. The cost of stay will be Rs 2,287 (USD 30) for one day and another amount Rs 2,287 will cover all your meals. This will cost you a little over Rs 12,000. Finally, you can continue with your holiday. The remaining amount will be refunded to you once you leave the country.

If Someone in your flight is covid-19 positive

If someone is tests positive for coronavirus in your flight, everything will remain the same. The only difference is that you will be in quarantine for 14 days. The total cost of this will be a little over Rs 97,000. The remaining amount will again be refunded to you once you leave the country.

If you are covid-19 positive

If you are found to be COVID-19 positive, then things will take a more expensive turn. Instead for the hotel room, you will be charged Rs 2,289 daily for your hospital room. Rs 11,437 (USD 150) will also be deducted from your cover money for the medication and the hospital services. You will be tested more than once for novel coronavirus and the charge for that is also included. That is not all, the Cambodian government will also keep aside a sum of Rs 1,14,378 (USD 1500) to cover your funeral in case things go wrong.

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