Bali to welcome tourists soon

Bali to welcome international tourists from September 11

Can’t wait to go on a beach-cation? Good news, Bali will be welcoming international tourists from September 11. Let’s get packing.

When we think of a holiday destination outside India with picturesque beaches, old temples and crystal clear water, we think of Bali. The island in Indonesia is all set to welcome international tourists from September 11, 2020. It is official!

But of course, there are rules in place that the visitors will have to follow. It is being called the ‘New Era of Life Protocol’. This is a three-part protocol to bring back Bali’s economy to its normal level.

Let’s see what the three phases are.

First phase

Yesterday (July 9), the Bali government allowed various small businesses to open. Small scale health services, modern markets, fishing services including others. Before the markets were allowed to open, a mass prayer was held at the Besakih Hindu temple in Bali. The prayer was attended by thousands of natives and it was to seek blessings before Bali reopened. There are strict protocols that will be followed as Bali reopens amid the pandemic.

Second Phase

After the markets open in the first phase, the natives from other Islands in Indonesia will be allowed to enter Bali on July 31, 2020.

Third Phase

Once the economy becomes a little better with the first two phases, the government will allow international visitors to enter the island by September 11. However, the basic details are yet to be announced. It is still not sure if visitors from all across the world will be allowed to holiday or just from a few countries.

No details about the COVID-19 testing have been mentioned till now.

We cannot wait to go and holiday in Bali. Thailand and Maldives are also set to welcome tourists soon.

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